Team USA, Warriors Curry and Lee

Las Vegas NV – It’s been one of the most memorable Summers in NBA history. Some of the biggest trades were unexpected yet the pieces fell in place for many teams. The Golden State Warriors moved their entire bench and in return got some good players including a key player who kept the New York Knicks afloat last year.

David Lee comes to the Warriors this season to join the up and coming Stephen Curry. Both players were selected for Team USA and will get the opportunity to play together. Unfortunately, the first day of practice Lee suffered an injury to his middle finger on his right hand. He was examined the following day and it was determined that his injury was a “mallet finger”.

USA trainer Casey Smith stated “the injury was very minor and not detrimental to upcoming NBA season.” However, the Warriors decided to pull Lee from Team USA as a precaution to make sure he’ll be ready for the season. He is expected to miss 6 weeks while wearing a splint and expected to make a complete recovery.

“It’s a huge disappointment, I was looking forward to playing with him,” Curry said. “I was hoping to get to know him both on and off the court.” “It’s a big loss for the team to lose him but the regular season is more important and we need to make sure he remains healthy.”

The future dynamic duo will have to wait for that chance but for the big three in Oklahoma City it’s an unbelievable feeling. Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and Jeff Green were selected to tryout for Team USA.

“It feels good to have my teammates here especially Jeff Green,” Durant said. “It shows that we’ve been getting better and we do things the right way in Oklahoma City.”

The second day of practice was more intense as the players scrimmaged against each other. The request from coaches to play more aggressively brought memories of the recent NBA playoffs. Everyone brought their “A” game to show what they can do on the court.

Curry re-evaluated the challenges he faced from the first day of practice and applied them the following day. In hopes of making the 12 man roster for Team USA is an individual task however, the help of a teammate encouraging you to be better is an advantage. Lee showed his support to his future teammate from the sideline.

“I was impressed with his love for the game and his positive attitude,” Curry said. “He coached me as a young guy to make sure I was in all the right spots on the floor.” “Even when he got hurt, sitting on the bench he stayed involved and that means a lot.”

Written by: Malaika Bobino