Exodus Ministry Offers Help to Girls, Women on the Street

By Miracle

Pastor Phyllis Scott

Did you know that the rate of prostitution in California is rapidly increasing, especially in urban areas? While police departments keep creating new task forces, prostitution still plagues our communities, stealing the dreams of girls as young as 13 years old.
Exodus, a Bay Area ministry founded by Pastor Phyllis Scott of Tree of Life Empowerment Ministries, is a group that is dedicated to helping young, sexually exploited women get off the streets.
Exodus provides educational programs that are designed to motivate and inspire the young girls to turn their lives around. This ministry believes that knowledge is power and that through these programs a yearning for change can begin to evolve. Young women can begin to see  that there are other options than jail, where they can find  something they probably never before experienced: hope.
“They have so many obstacles, and I don’t believe in giving up on our kids. They need help, not turned backs,” said Pastor Scott.
Exodus was founded eight years ago when Pastor Scott started noticing that the girls on the corners of Oakland were becoming younger and younger. Instead of giving up on the generation like so many others, she knew she had to do her part.
Being the mother of  a young daughter herself,  she felt called to help  the girls, who were most likely abandoned and not receiving the proper love or nurturing from anyone.
“Exodus is based on the principle that God loves and cherishes everyone,” said Pastor Scott.
Just like most businesses and organizations, Exodus has been significantly affected by the economy. Despite these challenges, Pastor Scott says the ministry is not willing to give up and will keep working until prostitution no longer plagues the Bay Area.
For more information about Exodus, call (510) 689.9544.