Burrell’s 3-run homer lifts Giants, move closer to clinching title

San Francisco, CA – An odd start for CY Young winner Tim Lincecum, the second pitch he threw was the result of Stephen Drew’s solo home run to left field.  Unfortunately, that was the Diamondbacks only run of the game as they succumb to the Giants 3-1.

Playing with flu like symptoms which was later described as a chest cold, Lincecum struggled in the first frame but managed to regain his composure to reduce San Francisco’s magic number to three.

“We want San Diego to come in,” closer Brian Wilson said.  “We want to play good baseball and that’s what we’re going to get.”  “That’s the way the story has been written this year.”

It’s too early to predict how the story book will end but the way the Giants played tonight is a good indication of what’s to come.  Pat Burrell’s three-run homer to leadoff the fourth inning secured the win for Lincecum.

“Burrell saved my butt the last time too,” Lincecum said.  “It kind of reminded me of the days when Bengie (Molina) used to save my butt with a home run.”

After giving up a home run and two back-to-back walks it was obvious the righty was not at his best.  After settling down he got into a flow by the third inning his strikeouts began to increase.  San Francisco’s defense did their part in shutting down Arizona’s offense.

“We have to find ways to manufacture more runs,” said Burrell.  “It’s tough to always rely on a big hit, obviously we’ll take them wherever we can get them.”  “These guys have been pitching so great we have to find a way to score more runs for them.”

One step closer to clinching the division title for the National League West, the Giants have become more focused on finishing out the last four games strong.  The Padres remain two games behind San Francisco with their win over the Chicago Cubs.

“It’s hard not to know what teams are doing,” said Burrell.  “We have to take care business and win every night.”

Lincecum made his final regular season start over coming obstacles early.  He struck out 11 batters in seven innings yielding nothing after Drew’s home run in the first frame.  He has a NL best 231 strikeouts and his 3.43 ERA is a bit higher than last year.

“Certain months obviously I struggled,” explained Lincecum.  “But I think the biggest month for me was bouncing back here, when we needed it the most and when it matters the most.”  “So, I’m trying to keep my season in perspective focusing on the now and keeping that mojo going.”

Written by: Malaika Bobino