A Personal Crusade to Promote Peace

By Tasion Kwamilele


Major Castleberry wearing one of his “The Peace Jersey,” which he created.

Throughout history, it has been the selflessness of others that has brought about change. It is those who push personal ambition to the side who make a difference in the community and to the youth in desperate need of help.   

Major Castleberry, a longtime Bay Area resident, decided that to bring about changes such as these he would have to reject the conventional ways of doing things and invent a new solution.

 “I always wanted to give to our society, always wanted to invent something that could help people,” he said. “But I wanted to address a problem that everything one could relate to.”

After an honorable discharged from the U.S, Navy, he decided his quest would be centered on promoting peace.

Castleberry created “The Peace Jersey,” designed to address the senseless acts of violence while promoting peace to youth in the inner-city schools and communities He believes that if the concept of peace once again becomes the golden rule, such destruction will no longer plague communities and streets.

“The custom design shows what you’re all about and sends a message to the world; it is available in six sizes,” said Castleberry.

“The violence is out of control and we have to combat it. The Peace Jersey is street wear, but it is also fashionable,” he said.

Castleberry visited and spoke with the late editor of the Oakland Post, Chauncey Bailey, just a week prior to his assassination in 2007. Bailey’s murder brought new life and confirmed the purpose and the necessity of The Peace Jersey, Castleberry said.

 In addition to being featured on NBC, The Peace Jersey has caught the attention of other top networks. The Black Entertainment Television (BET) has expressed interest in partnering and marketing the jersey nationally to the network’s 90 million viewers.

For more information contact Major R. Castleberry II at majorcastleberryii@yahoo.com.