Chinese Women’s Federation Delegates Welcomed

By Carla Thomas

From left to right: Aileen Glasgow, Alice Chan, Walter Loo, Florance Fang, two Chinese Delegates and Monica Wang, ICN TV anchor-reporter.


Six delegates of the Chinese Women’s Federation attended a welcoming  celebration at the Hillsborough mansion of philanthropist Madame Florence Fang.  

The visitors – 4 women and 2 men – were met by 30 community leaders, journalists, ICN TV personalities and the Silicon Valley Women’s Federation, led by president Aileen Glasgow. 

The evening included an award ceremony and gifts from the Chinese Museum of Women and Children and entertainment provided by Gregory Taylor of Greg’s Chinese School and San Francisco Opera singer Dalyte Kodzis.  

“This is a great evening, and I am happy to host this historic event,” said Fang.   The delegates provided a stamp collection as gifts in commemoration of the new Chinese Museum of Women and Children.

Guided by owners and curators Alice Chan and Walter Loo of the U.S. Chinese Museum of Oakland, the delegates will journey to a Navajo reservation in Arizona to visit tribal leadership and view the historical connection of Chinese and Native Americans.

According to Loo, oral history and artifacts of the Native Americans demonstrates a connection between the Chinese and Indians that can go as far back as long as 10,000 years.  Several of these artifacts are currently on display at the US Chinese Art Museum.

From left to right: Post features editor Carla Thomas, philanthropist Florance Fang and Post reporter Greg Taylor.


The U.S. Chinese Art Museum ( houses permanent collections of established and emerging artists of the greater Chinese communities in Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, overseas Chinese artists throughout the world and in the U.S.