County Receives $2.8 Million for Electric Vehicles


Aki Nakao, Alameda County’s General Services Agency Director.

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) announced this week that it will award a $2.8 million grant to bring 90 electric vehicles to government fleets across the Bay Area.  

As part of the national demonstration project Alameda County will deploy 20 electric vehicles in their fleet beginning in the second quarter of 2011. Bringing electric vehicles to Bay Area Government Fleets will curb emissions and reduce dependence on oil.

The grant funding will cover the additional cost beyond the normal cost of conventional gasoline vehicles. Grant funds will also pay for the purchase and installation of 20 electric vehicle-charging stations to be deployed in locations throughout Alameda County.

“Alameda County’s Climate Action Plan, adopted earlier this year, sets goals for the County to reduce our carbon footprint. This project allows for Alameda County to demonstrate the performance of electric vehicles, as well as to help to develop an Electric Vehicle charging station infrastructure within the County,” said Aki Nakao, Alameda County’s General Services Agency Director. 

This grant is a part of MTC’s $33 million Climate Innovation Grants pool, $14 million of which is allocated to this and other major electric vehicle projects in the Bay Area – approximately 44 percent of the total grants pool. MTC also funds an Electric Vehicle battery swap initiative for taxis, a program to bring additional EV infrastructure to the region, and an electrified car-sharing program.

The Local Government Electric Vehicle Fleet National Demonstration Project will include coordinated analytics and best practices aggregation, a regional visibility campaign, and national outreach via the fleet associations to catalyze adoption of these vehicles in fleets nationwide. Anticipated to have a net CO2 emission reduction of 439,639 lbs, the project will also establish infrastructure and regional cooperation to accelerate further EV adoption.

Other municipal partner beneficiaries include Sonoma County, City of San Francisco, City of Concord, City of Oakland, City of San Jose, Transportation Authority of Marin, and the City of Fremont.