God on Wall Street: It’s Time To Bounce Back

“And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, So that he will not destroy the fruit of your ground, nor shall the vine fail to bear fruit for you in the field, Says the Lord of Host.” Malachi 3:11

News has been disclosed that Tesla is about to reengineer California’s industrial machines. Tesla is the all-electric automobile that has a roadster model that sells for $108,000. 

So what does this potentially mean for an investor? 

First of all, get out of the car and look at it without seeing yourself trying to style in it. You know that diamond in the back, sunroof top digging the scene with…so first get out of the car and think about how American lawmakers have a tendency to adopt laws that they think will be good for this country.

So before you start to doubt the government’s sincerity about renewable and alternative energy, look to the past to see where adoption has made many people very wealthy. This was before my time, but there was a time when seatbelts were an option. The person that invented the seatbelt lives well today, nestled away into the rolling hills of Tiburon, obviously a multi-millionaire.

Or what about when people embrace adoption? I heard of the story where a CBS executive in the 50s asked, “Who’s going to leave the comfort of their living room to watch a movie?” So sometimes making money in the market is as obvious as observing the legal and social environment. 

You also have to have a good attitude towards investing, as a good attitude will probably enhance a good environment for making decisions. This current economic environment is teaching those of us who want to survive to learn from our past mistakes. 

If debt got you where you are, then why do you continue to use credit? Pay with cash, and if you can’t pay with cash, just do like my Uncle Louie used to do.  Save your money and when you get ready to buy a car, pay cash for it. 

I have always been an advocate of what God would do if we allowed him to move and we responded to his move. The text says that God will rebuke, develop and enhance a defense system for your success. We can have what we need to make our culture and society sane, but we must make a change and think outside and above the turbulence. 

It will take planning this time and not spending. Yes, we will have another economic fiasco; we always do. Nations have been going bankrupt since Adam and Eve left the Penthouse for the slums. 

But it is what you do that matters and who you listen to. I will close with this. A well-known financial author and respected stewardship counselor gave a thumbs down to gold and silver, as well as other metals that could be weighed against the dollar. 

This guy is selling the good old American dollar and telling his listeners and callers to stay away from foreign currency. So the next time you are watching a commercial, know that you are getting sold something, and if you have been on the downside through this economic debacle, it’s now time to bounce back. 

Don’t believe everything you see, and let’s stop getting caught holding the last bag because enough is enough.

Pastor Curtis O. Robinson, Sr. is Interim Pastor at the Faith Baptist Church located at 2680-64th Ave. in Oakland.  He can be contacted at curt.girlsincrich@hotmail.com.