Maxwell Joins Sweet on Campaign Trail

By Lee Hubbard

Lynette Sweet

Supervisor Sophie Maxwell joined Lynette Sweet on the campaign trail, appearing at a recent Community Empowerment Commitment rally at Jackson Park in Potrero Hill.  

The rally, open to all of the political candidates, helped to show a sense of solidarity for the issues people face in District 10. 

District 10 encompasses Potrero Hill, Bay View Hunters Point, Portola and Visitation Valley. Key issues the district’s next representative will have to address include housing, economic development, jobs, education and the environment.

“We have an enormous amount of development planned for District 10, including Jackson Park,” said Sweet.  “Residents deserve a supervisor who will make sure that development benefits local residents and really listens to their input.”

 An estimated 80 percent of the development scheduled in San Francisco will take place in District 10. Projects range from development of the Hunters Point Ship Yard, new housing along Third Street and other development in the area.   

“Residents need a listener, and that is Lynette Sweet,” said current District 10 Supervisor Sophie Maxwell, whose term limit is up.  “She will listen to the needs of the community and advocate for the resources that we need.”

Various community activists from Potrero Hill and Bay View Hunters Point were on hand for the unveiling of the Community Empowerment Commitment.  They included Kathy Davis, who runs a senior center in the Bayview; Juliana Choy Sommer, who represents that Asian American business community; and District 10 rival candidate Kristine Enea, who also signed on to the community empowerment initiative. 

“It is important that we have someone who has dedicated support before and after the political race,” said Enea,  “and that they will support and work with the community after the election is over even if they don’t win.” 

Sweet has been in a tightly contested race, which has a crowded field of 21 candidates.  Some are perpetual political gadflies while others gained serious backing, such as Steve Moss, Tony Kelly, Ed Donaldson, James Calloway and Diane Wesley Smith.

Regardless of the outcome of the race, Sweet says she is committed to dealing with issues that affect District 10 residents. 

“I have proven that I have been involved in the community,” she said.  “I held a summit dealing with youth issues, and after it was over, I helped to get summer jobs for 50 of the kids at the summit.

  I was raised in this area, and I will be in this area after the election is over.”