Kamala KOs Cooley

Kamala Harris, California’s Attorney General

Three weeks after the Nov. 2 election, California residents finally learned that San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris will become the state’s next ‘s next attorney general, after her Republican opponent conceded Thursday.
Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley had declared victory on election night, but in ensuring days, the race flip-flopped between the two candidates as areas across the state continued the slow process of counting mail-in and provisional ballots. Thursday, Cooley called Harris, who is leading by 50,000 votes, to concede and congratulate her.
She will be California’s first female and first Black/Indian attorney general.
In a prepared statement, Cooley said his campaign believes that “we cannot make up the current gap in the vote count.”
Harris will now join San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom – the state’s lieutenant governor-elect – in Sacramento next year.