Acts Full Gospel School to Teach Chinese

By Gregory

Starting 2011 off with a bang, Acts Full Gospel School will add a Chinese language pilot program to its K to 3rd grade school curriculum.  Acts, a leader of many innovations, will be the first African American Church to implement a Chinese language program.
Through the dedication and astute efforts of Dr. Doris Limbrick and Acts Christian Academy’s Principal Stephanie Davis, the pilot program will consist of 15 students ranging in ages from 5 to 8 years old.  The lessons will be held after school twice a week for three months.
The classes will familiarize students with the four tones of Mandarin, the counting system, initial and final pronunciations, and character pinyin recognition.  Students will learn popular nursery rhymes of China to aid in their development of the language.  The students will also learn some of the customs and practices of the Chinese people. A tour of a private Chinese museum will be planned.  At the end of the class, students will collectively recite a well-known prayer in Chinese at a Sunday service.
It is hoped with the success of this pilot program a more wide-ranging comprehensive program can be planned for all the Black churches in the area that have accredited schools.
If you are a principal or superintendent of an African American Christian Academy and would like to implement a Chinese language program contact: or email: