Lee Backs Nuclear Arms Agreement

Rep. Barbara Lee

Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA) is supporting the U.S. Senate’s ratification of the nuclear arms control agreement known as the New START Treaty.
”I applaud President Obama for his diligence in negotiating this agreement, and my congressional colleagues in the Senate for their support of the New Start Treaty,” Lee said.
“The treaty lays important groundwork for renewed international cooperation to build confidence, protect and strengthen the international nuclear nonproliferation regime and bring us closer to the realization of a future free of the threat of nuclear weapons,” she said.
“The United States not only can, but must live up to its responsibilities as a nuclear power under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty by taking urgent and meaningful action toward the ultimate goal of nuclear disarmament.
Lee emphasized that it is not in the national security interest of the United States to maintain a nuclear weapons policy that is trapped in the confines of a cold-war era defense framework.
“I strongly support President Obama’s conviction to set a new trajectory for U.S. nuclear policy in order to assure a safer and more secure world,” she said. “The ratification of the New START Treaty is a modest, but important first step toward that goal.”