Miracle of Christmas “Love Conquers Hate”

By Dr.W. Hazaiah Williams

The miracle of Christmas is the message that God is located where you sit, not locked up in the law and the legalisms of organized religion, but trapped in your body.  This event — Christmas — took God out of the sky.
Before the Christmas event, we met a fearsome God of Moses; we turned aside from the Holy of Holies of Isaiah. Even though we saw the tender vision of the Shepherd from the Psalms, we now go beyond even that.
As we leave the manger and walk through the developing life of the person of Jesus, we find that the Christmas promise is the promise of a life that, by its own commitment – and therefore by its unity with the Eternal, breaks through the Holy of Holies and makes us now face the reality, that awful reality, that the Holy of Holies may have something to do with us.
Christmas is the invasion, the interplanting into the consciousness, that the Eternal dwells in your flesh and in your blood.  It is about the fact that the Life lodged in us never has to compromise.  Love still can conquer hate.  Fear not those who can destroy the body.  You have no continuing place here, and therefore you should own no continuous fear.  Love your enemy.  That’s Christmas.
Christmas comes to remind us that something is trapped within us.  And as we look at the life and death of Jesus, there remains in our consciousness a haunting sense that because of the manger, because of wilderness, because of seaside and marketplace and temple and friends at Bethany, our common life is shot through with potential glory–and we know it because we have seen it in Him.
The late Dr. W. Hazaiah Williams was the founder of the Church For Today, Four Seasons Concerts, The Center for Urban Black Studies, Alamo Black Clergy, National Conference of Black Churches and President of Berkeley Board of Education.