Sheriff Santa Gives Out Toys in Marin City

Top picture - front row from left): Jill Peeler, Peggy Harold, Lt. Cheryl Fisher; back row: Sean-Tyler Crusto, Amada Turmankh, Bryan Cardenas, Cassandra Ruirk, Trevion Clark, Jomar Hernandez, Selena Marmolejo, Deputy Dobbins (Santa Claus), Treasure Haines, Nancy Hoang, unidentified boy, Rachel Perez, Meloni Page, Jeremiah Moultrie, Antonio Swan, Shahyan Hansig, Cameron McDonald. Bottom left picture from left: Jill Peeler, Peggy Harold, Deputy Dobbins (Santa Claus), Paul Simpson, Meloni Page, Lt. Cheryl Fisher. Bottom right picture : various children visiting Santa and selecting their toys. Photos by Godfrey Lee and Marin City Sherrif Department.

Santa Claus visited the Marin County Sheriff’s Substation in Marin City last Friday to give toy to children in the Southern Marin County.
About 200 children and their parents came out in the rain to have a chance to meet Santa and to receive a toy. The Sheriff’s Department has been giving toys to the community for the last three years. This year, a record number of children showed up..
Children at Manzanita Children Center also had a chance to meet Santa and receive presents.
Playing Santa for the Sheriff’s  Department was Deputy Dobbins, who wore the rquired red suit and beard. Toy donations came from employees at Human Resources Dispatch-Marin City Substation, San Francisco Firefighters Toy Program, the Deputy Sheriff’s Association and  Marin County Jail Employees.