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Hornets streak ends, Kings streak begins

Sacramento, CA – No one expected the New Orleans Hornets ten game winning streak to end while facing the Sacramento Kings.  In fact, only a few teams this season have caught a ten or more game “winning streak” which is difficult to maintain.  But for the Kings their winning ways continued behind another great night from the rookie.

DeMarcus Cousins finished with 25 points, 12 rebounds and 7 assists to lead Sacramento to their second consecutive win beating the Hornets 102-96.  Another spectacular night from Cousins who is becoming better and better, he got off to a great start recording his first 10 points in the first quarter. Read more

Rob Kapilow: “What Does the Golden Gate Bridge Sound Like?”

Rob Kapilow exploring what the Golden Gate Bridge sounds like with the children from the Manzanita Children’s Center. Photo by Godfrey Lee

The Golden Gate Bridge will celebrate its 75 anniversary in May of 2012, and will also have a musical symphonic composition based on the sounds of the bridge. The Marin Symphony has commissioned Rob Kapilow, an educator, writer, composer, and conductor, to compose a full orchestral composition exploring that question.
Rob Kapilow is the host of “What Makes It Great?”, a National Public Radio program about listening to classical music. He also wrote “All You Have To Do is Listen: Music from the Inside Out.” The book explains his belief that the core of real listening has less to do with musical terminology and historical facts than with one’s ability to listen attentively.
For the Golden Gate Bridge Music Project, Kapilow will listen to the sounds in and around the Golden Gate Bridge, such as the foghorn, the tires on the pavement, the wind and the lapping waves. He will also ask seniors to recollect the sounds they heard before the bridge was built.  His composition will be based on the information he gathers over the next five months.
Last week Kapilow visited Marin City to ask the children at the Manzanita Child Development Center what the Golden Gate Bridge sounds like. He also showed the children how to listen to the things around them, and how the composer can use sound as a part of the composition. He taught them more about listening than they were able to answer about the bridge.
Felecia Gaston, a community leader in Marin City who works with youth in the arts through her Performing Stars of Marin program, helped arrange Kapilow’s visit.
Kapilow, who lives in New Jersey, will be traveling to the Bay Area to gather information about the sounds of the Golden Gate Bridge. And he said he welcomes additional input from the general public. For information on how to contribute “sound advice” to Kapilow, visit face book at  the Golden-Gate-Opus page, and share your answers. Read more

Swanson Introduces Seismic Safety Bill

Sandré R. Swanson

The Seismic Safety Finance Act, AB 184, was introduced by Assemblymember Sandré R. Swanson (D-Alameda) on Tuesday. Assemblymember Swanson issued the following statement:
“Seismic safety is a serious ongoing concern for the State of California. It is typically cost prohibitive to seismically retrofit a home or business. AB 184 will make these retrofits easier to achieve and more affordable. By making it easier for homeowners to protect their homes in the event of an unfortunate earthquake, this bill will increase public safety and reduce the number of destroyed homes and families left in limbo during the next disaster,” said Assemblymember Swanson.
The bill provides homeowners who wish to make seismic improvements to their homes with a financing option that removes much of the upfront expense.
Supporters of the bill included the Association of Bay Area Governments, the City of Oakland, and the American Council of Engineering Companies.
The bill is a reintroduction of AB 1755 from last year, which was vetoed by Governor Schwarzenegger after passing the Legislature with strong bipartisan support. Read more

Seventh Annual Young Children’s Issues Forum

Delaine Eastin

The  public is invited to The Seventh Annual Young Children’s Issues Forum, to be held on Saturday, March 19, 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon, at Los Medanos College 2700 East Leland Rd. (Music/Recording Arts Building, room 720), Pittsburg.  This free annual community is event sponsored and organized by the Local Planning Council for Child Care and Development (LPC), and is coordinated by  the Contra Costa County Office of Education (CCCOE).
The purpose of the event is to provide a forum for discussion among legislators, local officials, and the community regarding current children’s issues.
This year’s event will feature key-note speaker Delaine Eastin, former California state superintendent of public instruction and California state assemblyperson.  Eastin’s keynote address will be followed by a panel presentation and discussion by state legislators and local elected officials who will speak about the current status of young children’s health, education, social, and child-care services.
Historically, the majority of the event attendees are child-care providers, preschool teachers, program administrators, community college faculty, and representatives from community agencies. Read more

Laura Johnson, Humanitarian of the Year

From left to right: Mary Piepho, Karen Mitchoff, Arthur Johnson, Laura Johnson, John Gioia, Gayle Uikema, and Federal Glover.

Laura Johnson is Contra Costa County’s Humanitarian of the year for 2011.
Johnson, lauded for her volunteering and leadership in the City of Richmond, also
distinguished herself as President of the Board of Directors of Girls Inc. of West Contra Costa County.
The award was presented at the county’s thirty third annual Dr. martin Luther King, Jr. Humanitarian of the Year Awards ceremony sponsored by the Contra Cost County Board of Supervisors.
Alameda County Superior Court Judge Gordon Baranco was the keynote speaker.
Mario Alvarado, a senior at Concord high School, volunteers with CCISCO (Contra Cost Interfaith Supporting Community Organization), which helps empower youth, was chosen as the Student humanitarian of the Year.
Johnson drew extra plaudits for providing strong financial leadership in rescuing Girls, Inc. Their doors were reopened, all debts were retired and all liens were lifted. With a newly renovated facility, playground and recreational area, Girls, Inc continues it programs of self esteem, economic literacy, science and technology, critical thinking, pregnancy prevention, AIDS education, academic support and many more activities. Photos by Joe Fisher Read more

Peres Students Overnight at Marin Headlands

“Mr President, We Heard You. We Turned Off the TV”

By Conway Jones

Fifty fourth grade students from Peres Elementary School in Richmond stayed overnight at NatureBridge’s Headlands Institute near Rodeo Beach in the Marin Headlands, adjacent to the Golden Gate Bridge. The two-day Peres visit to NatureBridge was fully sponsored by a local, anonymous foundation, including round trip transportation.
Kai West, a NatureBridge educator, led part of the expedition over two days at the Marin Headlands. The trip included ‘discovery hikes’ over several of the trails to visit various sites. Each trail provided exposure for the children to a wide variety of wildlife, animals, birds, trees and plant life.
On the first day, the students experienced  the twenty foot  high swells of the Pacific Ocean. For many of the youth, this was their first exposure to ‘nature’s classroom.’
Peres Elementary teacher Megan Gardner was a chaperone on this two-day field trip. Interestingly enough, the protocols for discipline and order that she had established in her classroom at Peres carried over into the wilds at the Marin Headlands. Her fourth graders demonstrated the same disciplined character in the wild that they were accustomed to in her Richmond classroom.
This was a great opportunity for our students,” Gardner said.  “We are incredibly grateful to be here.  The kids have had an amazing time and have learned so much about life science.”  “The students say this is the best thing that has happened to them, and that their lives have been changed forever.”
NatureBridge is the largest residential environmental education partner of the National Park Service. Founded in 1971 and based in San Francisco, its mission is to inspire personal connections to the natural world and responsible actions to sustain it.
Kate Hamilton, Development Director of NatureBridge, said, “Many of these Read more

Yo, Youth! T.R.U. Praise Is What We Do

Every Fourth Sunday at 6:30 p.m. is Youth Sunday at Oakland’s Bible Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church, 1520 8th Avenue.  The church’s youth ministry, T.R.U., (abbreviation for Tested, Refined, Unashamed and Connected with the Lord), is led by Reverend Matthew Hawkins. Praise Dancers (shown above) performed at the T.R.U. services. Hawkins says Bible Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church, known as “The Holy Ghost Headquarters”, will share future T.R.U services and praise dances with youth from other church congregations. Bible Fellowship has three praise dancer ministries under the direction of Candiece Knox, Erika Owens and Johnnia Davis; Primary Praise Dance Ministry; Endia Davis, Zariya Edwards, Camaya Knox, Diamond Levi-Smith & Diandra Levi-Smith; Total Praise Dance Ministry; Gianna Aranha, D’Ashanay Levi-Smith & Erika Rodgers; Purpose To Praise Dance Ministry; Jade Belvin, Simone Goldman & Brandi Wells. Also  in the above collage Reverend Matthew Jamin Hawkins and his son Matthew Jeremiah Hawkins.  Photos by Gene Hazzard & Charla Black-Edwards.  Collage by Adam L. Turner.

OPT Honors “Parent Friendliest Teachers in Oakland”

Henry Hitz

Assemblypersons Sandre Swanson and Nancy Skinner presented proclamations to outstanding teachers nominated by Oakland Parents Together (OPT) at their tenth anniversary celebration Saturday, Jan. 22.
OPT honored the “Parent Friendliest Teachers in Oakland.” The winners were: Dr. LaPaulette Taylor, McClymonds High School; Brian Kresie, Kippbridge Charter School; Roberta Parker, Santa Fe Elementary School; and Gwen Wallace, New Highland Child Development Center. They also gave an honor to the other 10 nominees as well, including: Irma Wilson, Santa Fe Child Development Center; Lilly Kim, Kippbridge Charter School; Billy Tang, Montera Middle School; Paul Smith, REACH Academy; Ashlee Gutierrez, West Oakland Middle School; John Sullivan, Edna Brewer Middle School; Madeline Noonan, Think College Now; Robert Jue, Montclair Elementary School; Karin Foust, Thornhill Elementary School; and Janina Brown, Prescott Elementary School.
According to OPT Executive Director Henry Hitz, “These aren’t the teachers who make home visits; these are the teachers who visit your home. They are the ones that understand that building a robust alliance between a parent and a teacher is a powerful strategy for school and societal reform: it is also the pedagogical strategy that will most benefit students. Teachers need to learn about the families of their students just as the students need to learn the course content.” Read more

Why America’s in Foreclosure

By Tanya Dennis
and  Les Jamieson

Tanya Dennis’ partner Ulysses “Jim” Montgomery (standing at the doorway) defended her home against Wells Fargo.

The US economy was on the brink of collapse during the summer of 2008 when George Bush was President. He and his Secretary of the Treasury, Hank Paulson, warned the nation that if the government did not bailout the banks a financial Armageddon would occur.
Taxpayers, who became hostages, were told to just turn over $750 billion to save the “too big to fail” casinos masquerading as banks, to keep the US economy afloat. One has to wonder what could bring a powerhouse economy the size of ours to its knees. Couldn’t some high paid crook or think tank figure out that the mass migration of jobs outsourced around the world would cause hardship for our entire system? Do we need an economic Einstein to tell us that for an economy driven by consumption to grow, there must be consumers with expendable income? Read more

Nanotechnology: Students Learn About Emerging Sciences in City Hall

By Post Staff

Students from Holy Names Upward Bound Program listen attentively about Nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology, a topic many adults never heard of, drew 150 excited Oakland youngsters to the City Council chambers on Saturday, Jan. 22.
The leader of the Youth Violence Community Task Force, Kweli Tutashinda, organized the event.  He, like many other task force leaders have declared their intention to continue with implementation of the recommendations, utilizing the sense of participation and possibility which they achieved through the Task Force effort.    Among the recommendations to slow youth violence was the idea that youth need jobs now and access to jobs of the future.  Nanotech is the perfect example, since the Oakland area is one of the top areas of the country for nanotech development. Read more

“Sister Charlene”, 64, First Lady of Acts Full Gospel

Charlene Jackson

Charlene Jackson

Affectionately referred to as “Sister Charlene”, Acts’ First Lady Charlene Jackson died from cancer at 11:08pm, Wednesday, January 26th. By her side, at her passing, was her husband, Bishop Bob Jackson, sister Janice Canon and sister-in law Pastor Doris Limbrick.  Sister Charlene was born May 14, 1946.
Sister Charlene served as a member of the Chords of Acts Adult Choir and coordinator of the Praise Team.  She was also the church’s office manager and administrative assistant to Bishop Bob Jackson.
As a teenager, Sis. Charlene was a resident of the Termon Avenue Home for Children (now Three Rivers Youth) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and graduated from David B. Oliver High School and Duff’s Institute in Pittsburgh. Read more

Chinese Tattoos and the Black Athlete

By Gregory

Once limited to sailors, bikers, and loose women, tattoos have become the hippest cachet of a generation under 40.  So much so, it’s the rare individual, male or female, that doesn’t own one.  The style of tattoos ranges from the animate to the inanimate pictorial, and they all have something to say about the person on whom they appear.
Some make a statement of hatred, a la skinheads or the Aryan brotherhood, some boast of self-importance as in Shaquille O’Neal’s superman tat, some make obscene assertions of prior criminal activity, such as, a spider-web tat on the elbow implicit of murder, and others simply express the beauty of a butterfly.  Fairly recently, however, there has been a trend to tattoo oneself with Chinese characters.   Read more

Evictions Continue at Menlo Hotel, Despite Arson Arrest of Richard Earl Singer

Hotel is Listed for Sale at $3.5 Million

By Lynda Carson

Menlo Hotel owner, Richard Singer (top left) and photos of insects and conditions found by Post photographers Adam Turner and Gene Hazzard when they visited the Menlo Hotel with Lee Hubbard. Hubbard continued Menlo investigation begun by late Post editor Chauncey Bailey. Some Menlo tenants have been forced to move to Singer’s other properties, including the Claridge, aka “The Ridge” on 15th Street near the Federal Building.

Despite the arrest of Richard Singer for his involvement in offering to pay someone $65,000 to burn down the Menlo Hotel, illegal evictions are still taking place at the low-income residential hotel, in violation of Oakland’s rent law known as Measure EE. Residents at the hotel say that RMD Services is still trying to illegally evict tenants that are not being represented by an attorney.
According to court records, Richard Singer, the owner of the Menlo Hotel handed over his passport and a Deed of Trust to one of his properties on Thursday January 20, in an effort to make bail.
Singer was arrested on suspicion of hiring someone to burn down the residential hotel. Known in the courts as USA v. Singer, case number 4-11-mj-70034-MAG-1, Singer has been charged with the solicitation of arson of a commercial building used in interstate commerce, a federal felony, and faces a $125,000 fine, and 10 years in prison if convicted, according to officials with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. Read more

What’s Happening With the Price of Oil?

By Pastor Curtis O.
Robinson, Sr.

“So he called him and said to him, ‘What is this I hear about you? Give an account of your stewardship, for you can no longer be steward.’” St. Luke 16:2
The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed today at a high not seen since August of 2008, closing at 11,755.44. Apparently the U.S. banking sector is staging somewhat of a rebound with positive earnings being reported.
The charge was led by JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America. It is no secret on the street that corporate coffers are building nicely. Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporation, provider of custom information technology (IT) consulting and technology services, and outsourcing services, reported that the company is sitting on $1.9 billion dollars in cash and has no debt.
This is starting to become the mantra of corporate America in that many corporations that made it through the storm are very focused when it comes to their cash positions. Although unemployment is still high, it is clear that many companies are making themselves better through maintaining meaningful cash positions and low hiring numbers. Read more

Otis Bruce, Bar Association’s First Black President

By Godfrey Lee

Otis Bruce, Jr. has been installed as the first Black president of the 75-year old Marin County Bar Association (MCBA).
During the January 8 MCBA Installation Dinner and Silent Auction held at the Embassy Suites in San Rafael, 18 new directors and officers were sworn into the association by the Honorable William Stephens who administered the Oath of Office.
In his acceptance speech, Bruce asked all the lawyers to understand that their true role in society is not only to be an advocate, but also to become “an agent of real change. You’re the true harbingers, the guardians of what is supposed to be right, righteously defending those who don’t have rights and defending those who are underprivileged.”
Bruce has been that agent of change for Marin County not only in becoming the first Black president of the MCBA, but also as one of the first Black lawyer to work in Marin in 1989. In 1995, he served as Marin County’s first Black Prosecutor. Read more

BAPAC Congratulates Boozé and Beckles

Corky Boozé (left) and BAPAC President Lloyd Madden.

The Black American Political Action Committee President Lloyd Madden stated recently that he believes the newly installed councilmembers, Corky Boozé and Jovanka Beckles will not forget where they came from and that they are committed to work hard at achieving their community priorities that include: unity, promoting job development and job training, youth development, neighborhood and school safety, promotion of African American owned businesses, economic development, and support to our school district. Madden also stated that the elections are over and that BAPAC is going to work closely with Bates, Beckles, Booze and the other members of the city council to help make the priorities a reality.

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Decline in Gun Related Activity Reported

By Tasion Kwamilele

DeVone Boggan

Within the past five years, the City of Richmond has experienced increased rates of gun violence with more than 240 shootings and 47 homicides in a single year. In 2007, city officials created the Office of Neighborhood Safety (ONS) to help identify and intervene in such gun- related activity as well as build partnerships and support initiatives that create greater neighborhood and community well-being.
African American men, between the ages of 16 and 25, make up 80% of individuals engaged in gun related crimes. Statistics also prove a high proportion of persons on probation and parole are more likely to become involved in criminal activity. It’s these individuals that ONS primarily targets
The outreach workers for ONS, known as Neighborhood Change Agents (NCA), serve as brokers to social services for those individuals and work to promote positive lifestyles. The ONS workers partner with community/faith-based leadership and organizations to implement innovative evidence-based best practices that reduce and prevent gun violence. They also partner with the John Muir Trauma Center to offer support and assistance to the gunshot victim.  The NCA workers use the trauma situation as a teaching moment and as an opportunity to interrupt the retaliatory thinking of the victim. Read more

King’s Day, a Green Day at Richmond Greenway

The City of Richmond honors the birthday of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with a commitment to join the National Day of Service by asking residents to volunteer to improve their neighborhoods.
Following the lead of President Barack Obama and his call for a National Day of Service to one’s community, neighborhood or city, Richmonders  gleefully answered the call and volunteered to do some digging, planting, scavenging, pruning, cleaning and picking up trash.
Some youth even enjoyed slinging dirt and mud with their city officials as they worked side by side to cleanup and spruce up a little corner of Richmond along the Richmond Greenway.
This day of service was the City’s fourth annual celebration and its represents the largest single city-wide volunteer effort . Read more

Obama Busts Heads of Major Mafia Families

Eric Holder,Jr.

Attorney General Eric Holder,Jr. said the Obama administration had begun “the largest mob roundup in FBI history: the indictment of 127 people, including key Mafia figures from the New York, New Jersey and New England crime families, on charges ranging from murder and racketeering to gambling, extortion and loan-sharking.”
About 800 law enforcement members from the FBI, Secret Service, the U.S. Labor Department and state and local law enforcement had arrested more than 110 people by Wednesday as part of 16 indictments filed in different jurisdictions. The indictments were aimed at all five New York crime families — the Colombo, Gambino, Genovese, Bonanno and Luchese families — along with the New England Patriarca family and the New Jersey Decavalcante family.
“The arrests mark an important and encouraging step forward in disrupting La Cosa Nostra operations,” Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. said at a press conference this morning in Brooklyn, N.Y. “But the reality is that our battle against organized-crime enterprises is far from over.” Read more

Judy Chu

The Congressional Tri-Caucus—comprised of the Congressional Black Caucus, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus— released the following statements on the repeal of health care reform:

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver II

Representative Emanuel Cleaver II, Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus said,  “Eight million African Americans are currently uninsured or under-insured.  Of those with coverage, half receive health insurance through an employer sponsored plan, while the other half rely on expensive self-pay programs. The Affordable Care Act provides $11 billion in new funding for community health centers where a quarter of the patients are black and expands Medicaid to cover an additional 4 million African Americans .”
Representative Charles Gonzalez, Chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus said, “Latinos are among the most uninsured in this country and 16 million stand to gain access to quality affordable-health care because of the health reform bill.  Latinos are also more prone to have certain conditions that are easily managed by the preventive care that health care reform affords them.” Read more

TARGET Targets Oakland Jobseekers

By Adam L. Turner

Target employees (in red) team with PIC/EDD staff to help hire 200 workers for the new Target Store. Photos by Adam L. Turner.

Target Stores teamed up with the Oakland Private Industry Council   (PIC) and the State Employment Development Department (EDD)to hire 200 Oakland residents last week.
After three days of meeting more than 1,500 applicants for jobs at the Oakland One Stop Career Center in downtown Oakland, Target offered jobs to more than 115, on the spot, after their interviews and successful drug tests.
Many of the jobseekers patiently lined up around the block to be interviewed as early as 5:00am each morning, and a handful waited overnight.
“We’re pleased that the PIC/EDD One Stop Career Center served as a full-service recruitment and hiring location for Target’s new store in our region,” said Gay Plair Cobb,  Chief Executive Officer of the PIC. “We have completed more than 500 on -site interviews and Target is continuing to hire Oakland residents towards their goal of 200 hires.”
Dennis Elger, District manager for Target, said “working with the PIC/EDD Career Center helped Target save money which would otherwise be budgeted on advertising and marketing campaigns to promote hiring for the new store.” Read more

Going Rogue, Repossessing My Home Back “The ‘Pretender Lenders’ stripped me ”

By Tanya Dennis

One of the bank’s smallest “Pick-a-Pay” victims, Skye Williams protesting outside of the Federal Building.

Last week the Post featured my protest in front of the Federal Building regarding the foreclosure of my home.  Unfortunately the Federal Judge dismissed all nine points of fact that I presented regarding the illegal foreclosure of my home.  She did this despite the recent outpouring of admissions of error by the banks in recent months.  Looks like I’m headed to the Supreme Court.
As a result of the judge’s decision, I went “rogue” last week and repossessed my home.  In the upcoming weeks I will be discussing the issues of foreclosure in our nation and what we, as citizens must do to prevent these “pretender lenders” from stripping us of our property with the approval of judges who believe it is there duty to uphold “the status quo”. Read more

Quan, Lee Welcome China’s President at White House

By Conway Jones

San Francisco interim-Mayor Ed Lee with Oakland Mayor Jean Quan at White House State Dinner.

Oakland mayor Jean Quan, and San Francisco mayor Edwin M. Lee, were among the more than 200 guests that joined President Barack Obama as he feted President Hu Jintao Of the People’s Republic of China with a state dinner at the White House.
President Hu and the Chinese delegation were greeted and toasted by former President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn Carter as well as President Bill Clinton and his wife, Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Jazz icon, Herbie Hancock, was a guest and provided the evening’s entertainment.
President Hu acknowledged that both China and the United States are confronted with the arduous task of sustaining steady economic growth and achieving economic transformation.  He said, “We both need to tackle the various challenges brought by economic globalization.”
President Obama said, “We’ve traded together for more than 200 years.  We stood together in the Second World War.” He continued “Chinese immigrants and Chinese Americans have helped to build America, including many who join us here tonight.”
This was the eighth meeting of the two leaders. Our two nations are still struggling with issues of trade, monetary policy, security, and human rights.
The White House announced that $45 billion worth of U.S. – China business deals are in the preliminary stage which will produce 235,000 American jobs.

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Oakland Menlo Hotel Owner Charged With Arson Scam

By Lynda Carson

The owner of Oakland’s residential low-income Menlo Hotel has been arrested, and is in an Oakland jail facing 10 years in prison, on suspicion of hiring someone to burn down the residential hotel, according to officials with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.
In addition to being charged with a federal felony and facing 10 years in prison, Menlo Hotel owner Richard Earl Singer also faces a $125,000 fine, after being charged with one count of solicitation of arson.
Federal officials say that Richard Singer wanted the hotel totally burned down on Jan. 15, to collect a maximum allowable insurance payment, and agreed to pay $65,000 to someone for burning down the residential low-income hotel.
Additionally, federal officials say that two people came forward to expose the arson scam, one of them being a former employee of the current management company running the hotel, known as RMD Services.
In a January 19, call to RMD Services, an employee who only identified himself as Steven, said, “RMD Services had nothing to do with the hiring of any one to burn down the Menlo Hotel, and Ryan Nathan, the owner of RMD Services is not available for comment at the moment.” Read more

Ellis deserves All-Star nod

Monta Ellis

Oakland, CA – Last year is behind us but the snubbing of Monta Ellis making the NBA All-Star game in Dallas,Texas is still unsettling. Ellis put up big numbers last season and was number six behind Dwayne Wade in NBA scoring. This year he moves up to number three following Amare Stoudemire who falls behind the number one spot held by Kevin Durant.

Monta has been simply amazing this season leading the Golden State Warriors to a better start behind new owners, a coach and players. The Memphis guard who was selected in the 1995 draft has finally made a name for himself after the trades of Baron Davis and Stephen Jackson who once lead the same team.

“I have no control over if I make it or if I don’t,” said Ellis. “I’ll just continue to try to lead my team to the playoffs and try to have a successful season.”

There’s no doubt Ellis should get the nod to this years NBA All-Star game held in Los Angeles on February 20. His stats speak for itself and the heroics on court puts the fans in a frenzy at every home game. Monta has improved in all aspects of his game this season especially in scoring, averaging 25.4. Read more