Ellis deserves All-Star nod

Monta Ellis

Oakland, CA – Last year is behind us but the snubbing of Monta Ellis making the NBA All-Star game in Dallas,Texas is still unsettling. Ellis put up big numbers last season and was number six behind Dwayne Wade in NBA scoring. This year he moves up to number three following Amare Stoudemire who falls behind the number one spot held by Kevin Durant.

Monta has been simply amazing this season leading the Golden State Warriors to a better start behind new owners, a coach and players. The Memphis guard who was selected in the 1995 draft has finally made a name for himself after the trades of Baron Davis and Stephen Jackson who once lead the same team.

“I have no control over if I make it or if I don’t,” said Ellis. “I’ll just continue to try to lead my team to the playoffs and try to have a successful season.”

There’s no doubt Ellis should get the nod to this years NBA All-Star game held in Los Angeles on February 20. His stats speak for itself and the heroics on court puts the fans in a frenzy at every home game. Monta has improved in all aspects of his game this season especially in scoring, averaging 25.4.

Last year I made a strong case for Ellis at Commissioner David Stern’s press conference when I asked “when will players on teams with a non-playoff record be recognized for it’s talent to make an All-Star”? Commissioner Stern replied, whom are you referring to and I replied “Monta Ellis.”

“It’s unfortunate for guys who are really good that aren’t recognized,” said Danny Granger. “I know Monta knows how that feels to be overlooked against veteran teams but you always want to give credit to winning.”

Making the playoffs is a reward for a successful season, making the All-Star is an honor for the being the best in the NBA. We often times forget about those who work just as hard but fall behind due to a non-winning record. Granger much like Ellis have been consistent in playing at a high level yet get over looked by votes from the fans who select the top five players from the eastern and western conferences.

“I was in this same position last year,” Ellis said. “It’s pretty much out of my hands, if I don’t make it, I have 12 more years to become an All-Star”

It’s been 14 years since the Warriors had a player selected to an All-Star game. Latrell Sprewell made the last appearance in 1997 and that’s been one of the longest droughts for a team. It’s time for a new banner to be lifted next to likes of Nate Thurmond, Wilt Chamberlin and Rick Barry. It’ll be up to the coaches and Commissioner Stern to make the decision but this year Ellis is certainly worthy of that honor.

Written by: Malaika Bobino

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