Going Rogue, Repossessing My Home Back “The ‘Pretender Lenders’ stripped me ”

By Tanya Dennis

One of the bank’s smallest “Pick-a-Pay” victims, Skye Williams protesting outside of the Federal Building.

Last week the Post featured my protest in front of the Federal Building regarding the foreclosure of my home.  Unfortunately the Federal Judge dismissed all nine points of fact that I presented regarding the illegal foreclosure of my home.  She did this despite the recent outpouring of admissions of error by the banks in recent months.  Looks like I’m headed to the Supreme Court.
As a result of the judge’s decision, I went “rogue” last week and repossessed my home.  In the upcoming weeks I will be discussing the issues of foreclosure in our nation and what we, as citizens must do to prevent these “pretender lenders” from stripping us of our property with the approval of judges who believe it is there duty to uphold “the status quo”.
I’m a “60’s child”! I’m prepared to keep my home by “any means necessary”. And, in following my story , and the story of others, the Post Newspaper and this writer are committed to publishing the stories of other protesting homeowners too.  The publisher will also print the responses and explanations from the banks as well. I want to help galvanize citizens, who are facing foreclosure, into a movement of protest and action.  Only in numbers will we prevail.
Hopefully, by the end of this series of articles, we will have enough informed and outraged citizens who have seen their homes ripped away from them, homes where they raised their children and grandchildren, homes full of memories, hopes and dreams, taken, as a result of bank greed, rise up in protest and action.
Many will argue that we are guilty of being irresponsible and “should just pay what we owe” yet I pose this question to those naysayers.   Do you really believe ten million people chose to become dead-beats overnight?  In addition, Attorney Generals in all fifty states are calling for an investigation of the banks regarding their foreclosures.
Last Wednesday, after a week of watching Wells Fargo illegally stripping my home, ripping drapes and blinds from the walls, removing beautiful light fixtures and ripping carpet off the floor, I then watched as brokers and realtors gave “tours” of my sanctuary.  I handed out flyers informing those potential buyers that I had a case in State, Federal and Bankruptcy Court, appealing the foreclosure of my home.  I have an excellent case as I am one of World Savings victims in their notorious Pick-a-Pay loan scandal.  Adding insult to injury was that even though the Attorney General has reached an agreement with Wells Fargo, offering restitution to those who have been foreclosed upon, $2,600 dollars just didn’t seem enough for my home, so I went rogue.
I went back in and took possession.  Right now I’m buying time until my appeals can be heard.  I’m hoping others that have been foreclosed upon or those facing foreclosure will join me in this struggle.  I have real answers and real solutions.   We must join forces if we are to prevail,  “Power to the People!”  Next Week:  “Foreclosure in America, Why?”
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