King’s Day, a Green Day at Richmond Greenway

The City of Richmond honors the birthday of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with a commitment to join the National Day of Service by asking residents to volunteer to improve their neighborhoods.
Following the lead of President Barack Obama and his call for a National Day of Service to one’s community, neighborhood or city, Richmonders  gleefully answered the call and volunteered to do some digging, planting, scavenging, pruning, cleaning and picking up trash.
Some youth even enjoyed slinging dirt and mud with their city officials as they worked side by side to cleanup and spruce up a little corner of Richmond along the Richmond Greenway.
This day of service was the City’s fourth annual celebration and its represents the largest single city-wide volunteer effort .
A group of young ladies and girls( pictured at the top) brightened up their corner and took time to flash smiles of accomplishment. Council member Corky Booze (pictured, left) demonstrated that he is a big wheel when it comes to hauling dirt in a wheelbarrow. Everything remained safe and on the up and up because City Attorney Randy Riddle(with Bicycle), City Council members Tom Butt and Boozé were watching. They also scavenged for any stray pieces of heavy metal with the help of Jerrold Hatchett. Photos by Joe L. Fisher.

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