Black History Makers

Mary Frances Everhart, 92,
and LaVerne Wattell, 95

By Barbara Fluhrer

Mary Frances Everhart (left) and LaVerne Wattell are shown here attending a Four Season’s

Mary Frances Everhart and LaVerne Wattell regularly attend the  Four Season’s  Arts concert in Oakland.    Both reside in San Francisco and enjoy the door to door transportation to and from the concerts. “We depend on transportation these days,” they said.
Mary Frances Everhart (92) worked for the Oakland Public Schools for 32 years as a teacher, counselor, and curriculum school administrator and teacher trainer.  She worked part time at San Francisco City College for 17 years and supports the Lincoln University Alumni.  She founded the S.F. Chapter, now in its’ 38th year. Everhart is a Delta Sigma Theta and a member of Bethel AME in San Francisco.
When asked what she does with her time, Everhart answered, “As little as possible.  It’s not easy; took me 2 hours to get dressed tonight. Every day is a struggle.  I try to stay upbeat and know that nothing lasts forever.”
When asked what she would tell young people today she said, “Education is the key to everything.”
LaVerne Wattell is grateful to be 95.  In Marshall, Texas she attended Wiley College and learned how to sew and do hair.  She worked for 3 years at Joseph Magnin’s in S.F. and was invited to events at City of Hope, where she eventually became a volunteer for 40 years.
“I have a friend who takes me shopping; I attend the Senior Center, concerts and the Jones United Methodist Church for 60 years,” says Wattell.  When asked what she does at the Senior Center, she said, “I dance sometimes, well, I get up and move around.”  She’s proud of President Barack Obama and says, “His wife is a smart lady, and she helps him. And he doesn’t look at the paper, when he speaks….he can talk.”
“When I turned 95, I said, Thank God.  ‘Seems like to me I’m still moving, don’t know about 100, but, I’m working on 95 and grateful to be alive.”