Marin Woman’s Hall of Fame Will Induct Six Stellar Women

Marin Women’s Hall of Fame (MWHF) will honor, induct and celebrate six outstanding women leaders at their 23rd Annual Gala Dinner and Ceremony, at Embassy Suites, San Rafael, on March 19, 2011.  The honorees include the following outstanding women: Julie Abrams, Linda Davis, Barbara Lee, Denise M. Lucy, Dolores “Dolly” Nave and Maureen Sedonaen.
Julie Abrams is the CEO of Women’s Initiative for Self Employment, a nonprofit that supports low-income women so they can start their own business and become economically self-sufficient. She will receive an award in the Business and Professional Category.
Linda Davis is the CEO of the Center for Volunteer and Nonprofit Leadership. Davis will be honored in the Volunteer Leadership Category for her work in strengthening nonprofit organizations, and promoting the nonprofit sector.

Barbara Lee, the founder of Image for Success, has restored dignity and source self-reliance in others by helping them dressed their best for their job interviews, work and school. She will receive an award in the category of Social Change.
Denise M. Lucy, Ed.D.  is the director of the Institute For Leadership Studies, Dominican University. Davis has also lead in the formation of degree programs, and has partnered with the educational and community in Marin County. Her award comes from the category of Education.
Dolores “Dolly” Nave is a Marin County community leader that has been outstanding in her volunteer work in improving schools, public parks, and recreation areas, will be honored for her work in the category of Community Service.
Maureen Sedonaen is a top authority in the fields of Youth Philanthropy, Leadership and Development; and is the founder and CEO of the Youth Leadership Institute, which helps  youth to have a voice in public policy and community leadership.  Sedonaen will be honored  in the category of Youth Leadership.
MWHF was the first organization in Marin County to identify and honor women for their high achievements. Since its inception in 1987, MWHF has recorded Honoree biographies for posterity, created photographic portraits and in some cases written their amazing stories back into history through its posthumous awards. The inducted Honoree’s life story is archived and preserved in the organization’s virtual library:
The women are also interviewed and videotaped for broadcast on local public access television.  By March 19, 2011, 116 exceptional women will have been inducted into the Hall of Fame and recognized as outstanding leaders and positive role models for women and girls.
MWHF Executive Director, Noreen O’Neill Extraordinary said women are contributing immensely to the quality of life, the culture, the mores and landscape of Marin County. “They are the business and community leaders, the professionals and founders of nonprofits in all fields, and are giving their energy and talents to make the world a better place.  It is time for their HERstory to be told so they can receive the appreciation and acknowledgment they so richly deserve.”
For additional information on the lives and accomplishments of these women leaders, and for details on attending the Gala and/or being a Sponsor, please call the Executive Director, Noreen O’Neill at her voice mail at (415) 455-4900 or home/office at (415) 382-0924.