Kidd Appointed to Review Board to Oversee BART Police Department

Sharon Anne Kidd

The BART board of directors recently approved the Citizen Review Board, an 11- member citizens’ panel named to oversee the BART police department.  The group was selected from a pool of 40 candidates.  After receiving training, the review board members will listen to BART riders and provide input to BART officials about the agency’s police officers.  The panel will report directly to the BART board and their duties will include reviewing and monitoring changes to the system’s police practices, reviewing citizen complaints about police misconduct, advising the agency’s general manager and police chief and meeting periodically with BART police association members.
Sharon Anne Kidd of Berkeley, (District 7) stated, “Being on the BART Citizens Review Board will allow me to be more aware of issues that arise regarding problems, questions or comments from our riders.  Also, my actions will be unbiased because I am also a commuter.  I can go into the communities and let our citizens know that we are working for them to make things better.  They can come forward with their concerns, questions and comments, and perhaps help us to come up with solutions to help correct some of these problems.”
The Citizen Review Board also includes Sue Angeli, Pleasant Hill (Police Union), Peter D. Barnett, Oakland (District 4), Sukari Beshears, Pittsburgh (District 2), Benjamin L. Douglas, Lafayette (District 1), Douglas N. Hambleton, Danville (District 5), Ken Jones, San Francisco, (District 8), Les Mensinger, Fremont (District 6), George D. Perezvelez, Berkeley (District 9), William C. White, Oakland (District 3), and Jennifer Scaife, Berkeley, (At Large).
“I want our residents to know that their voices are being heard and it will not be business as usual.  It is our duty and responsibility to let our residents know that we are available to address all complaints and will investigate and review any alleged misconduct involving the BART Police employees,” continued Kidd.