College Bound Girls – The Next Level

Top, from left to right: Skylar Hudson, Shannon Culpepper, Shawn Culpepper, Asia Christian, Kamera M. Simms, Tiffany Farmer; Second row: Karen Dade, Mieasha Harris (Executive Director), Rachel Oller (w/ hat on), Karen Dade (white jacket), Olivia Vernetti (smiling); Third row: Vanessa Winegan, 2nd Vice President Board (red sweater) Patricia Van Hook (grey suit, black sweater) Melanie Spears (Board President); Bottom row: Chandler Morales, and Rachel Oller. Photos and collage by Adam L. Turner.

Adults know that once an infant learns to take one step and then another, life as that child knew it from the crawling position,  has now been ‘elevated’ to experience new adventures. On Saturday, February 26, sixteen high school girls, took their first steps toward pursuing higher education by registering with Girls Incorporated of West Contra Costa County’s  (Girls Inc. WCCC) College Bound Girls (CBG).
These driven young ladies, were surrounded by parents, Girls Inc. staff, Board members, friends and community supporters who were in attendance to witness them initiating those uncertain but determined steps.
Girls Inc. WCCC has planned programs to enhance their knowledge, assist in preparing them for applying to college, advocate the importance of community involvement and will introduce tours of campuses.
“We want as many girls as possible to have this type of opportunity to be a part of a group that will support them in their future endeavors and inspire them to be strong, smart and bold,” said Executive Director Mieasha Harris. The statistics are there that show the decline of students entering, let alone, pursuing higher education. Any young lady participating in our CBG program can be sure to not only receive guidance, but resources, tools and mentoring needed to project them to the next level.
At our first meeting, the girls were introduced to evaluating self, understanding the value of education, informed of upcoming college activities for high schoolers, and were given the task of creating a vision board that will reflect their dreams, goals and personality.
Girls Inc. WCCC is playing a role in assisting these future doctors, forensics criminologist, veterinarians, hair stylist, teachers, as some girls have shared of their career ambitions, to achieve their dreams.
The next gathering is Saturday, March 26th. If interested in joining the CBG, offering mentoring or volunteering, please contact Mieasha Harris at 510-232-5440 or