Foreclosure: Bibleway Pastor, First Lady and Mother Arrested

By Tanya Dennis

The Contra Costa  County Sheriffs evicted and arrested the Pastor of Richmond’s Bibleway Apostolic Church, Sidney Keys, his wife Patrice Keys and the Pastor’s eighty-four year old mother Mary Keys last Thursday after Torrey Pines Bank foreclosed upon the church despite assurances they would work out a solution.
Pastor Keys and his wife were assured by then CEO Arnold Grisham that “we can fix this” when the Pastor brought to Grisham’s attention the fraudulent paperwork that had been submitted by Jet Stream Mortgage to Alta Alliance who was recently acquired by Torrey Pines Bank.
Congressman George Miller held a press conference last Tuesday in front of the now shuttered church. Councilman  Corky Booze,  expressed his outrage regarding what he termed Torrey Pines wrong behavior  “This is the only facility that young women can come to drop off their infants when they go to work, this is the only place men coming out of prison  can come and have a place to sleep and eat.”
“I sat with Torrey Pines with the Pastor and his wife in my counsel chamber and they promised me they would not move on this church, and while they were promising, they were putting an eviction notice on the door, that is wrong ladies and gentlemen.”
“This is an $800,000 church and Torrey Pines is willing to sell it for $200,000, but not to the pastor!”
Pastor Keys expressed his dismay also.  “It doesn’t make sense to give a loan for $500,000, deny a modification and then sell the building for $200,000.  When you ask them how they can do that, the banks will look you in the face and say they have money in their reserves to make-up the difference.
”Fraud is written all over this loan and we’re still waiting for Torrey Pines Bank to make good on it. Instead of the Bank looking at the fraud and doing something about it, they refuse to listen.  Well I got arrested and I’m not afraid to get arrested over and over again until they do the right thing.  I’m not going to shut up!
Congressman George Miller was equally strident.  “We’ve seen an incredible turn around here in this community.  Look around and see what’s happening, children walking safely to school, new housing, new retail opportunity and this church is part of reclaiming and rebuilding this city!”
“To have these arbitrary and capricious foreclosures close this neighborhood is outrageous and Torrey Pines is acting in a very wrong way.  These foreclosures are gutting neighborhoods all over the nation and all over the Bay Area.  We know this church didn’t start this financial scandal, these neighborhoods didn’t start this financial scandal, Wall Street started this scandal and they want to act like they’re the victims! The victims are the people who have lost their jobs and now they’re saying you have to lose your homes!  You can’t build a country on the backs of poor people.”