Four-Week Blitz on Potholes

Mayor Jean Quan.

To keep the City of Oakland’s vehicular and pedestrian traffic safe, Oakland Public Works will conduct a four-week Pothole Blitz again this year. The first week-long Pothole Blitz will commence on April 25th in West Oakland, weather permitting. The week of May 2nd will concentrate on Central Oakland, the week of May 9th will be in East Oakland, and during National Public Works Week (May 16th), the focus will be on completing outstanding pothole repair requests in high-traffic areas citywide.
Eight Public Works crews – twice as many crews as are regularly assigned – have the goal of filling more than 2,000 potholes during the Blitz.
“In our Town Hall meetings throughout the City, the number one infrastructure issue is fixing our potholes. With limited resources, it’s always a balancing act as to which streets and how much we can replace. Even so, our residents really look forward to seeing the Public Works pot hole blitz crews every spring,” said Mayor Jean Quan.
Potholes are an ongoing and growing problem for all major cities, especially in the spring when the moisture from rains causes the roadway surface and structure to erode. “Streets generally last about 30 years. We have enough money to pave our streets every 85 years. Until additional resources are provided to repave streets, we’ll continue to patch, patch and patch some more. If you have a favorite pothole, please call us at (510) 615-5566 and we’ll send crews to fix it,” said Public Works Director Vitaly B. Troyan, P.E.
“A number of streets in North Oakland are in need of repair. The pothole blitz is welcome news to residents who have been living with many potholes,” said District 1 Councilmember Jane Brunner.