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Rangers soar behind Anderson’s struggle on the mound

Oakland, CA – Millions of people experience a bad day at the office but for lefty pitcher Brett Anderson it was day he did not want to remember. Things got off to a rough start rather quickly for the A’s. Elvis Andrus walked and advanced to second base due to a poor decision made by Adam LaRoche.

While many tried to wrapped their brain around why Andrus was not tagged out, the focus returned back to Anderson as he collapsed on the mound. Nothing could save him from the embarrassing performance he displayed as Oakland lost 11-2 to the Rangers. Read more

A's get the hits and win over Rangers

Oakland, CA – What appeared to be a lack of hitting for the Oakland A’s changed quickly when they returned home to face the Texas Rangers. Opening a four game series the A’s didn’t know what to expect facing the American League Champions.

Oakland found it’s missing link when the hits started rolling in. Bottom of the fifth frame both Conor Jackson and Josh Willingham hit doubles to give the A’s a 2-0 lead. But not before Kurt Suzuki’s RBI single to put Oakland on the board with their first run. Read more

A’s get the hits and win over Rangers

Oakland, CA – What appeared to be a lack of hitting for the Oakland A’s changed quickly when they returned home to face the Texas Rangers. Opening a four game series the A’s didn’t know what to expect facing the American League Champions.

Oakland found it’s missing link when the hits started rolling in. Bottom of the fifth frame both Conor Jackson and Josh Willingham hit doubles to give the A’s a 2-0 lead. But not before Kurt Suzuki’s RBI single to put Oakland on the board with their first run. Read more

Dr. Jones Discusses Vaginal Health

By Catherine
Jones, M.D.

What is a normal vaginal discharge?
In women of reproductive age, a normal vaginal discharge can consist of 1-4 ml (less than a teaspoon) of a white or transparent thick, and mostly odorless discharge that generally occurs daily.  The discharge is made up of cells and bacteria.
Is this discharge always present?
It may be most notable during pregnancy, use of contraceptives or close to the time of midcycle (ovulation).
What bacteria are present in the discharge?
There are many bacteria present but the most abundant are lactobacillus, which produces hydrogen peroxide and lactic acid which make the vaginal environment acidic.  This acid environment helps to protect against certain infections.
What can interrupt the normal environment of the vagina?
Age, phase of menstrual cycle, sexual activity, contraceptive choice, pregnancy, foreign bodies, use of hygienic products or antibiotics can disrupt the normal vaginal environment.
What are symptoms of infection of the vagina?
Some symptoms may include an abnormal vaginal discharge, itching, irritation, burning, soreness, odor, bleeding and pain with urination. Read more

Hate Crimes Against Transgenders, Especially of Color, Increasing

Transgender includes a variety of expressions such as, cross-dresser, bi-gender, and transsexual

By Jesse

Highlighting the need to raise public awareness of hate crimes against Transgender (TG) people, a disturbing video went viral this week, which shows a brutal attack at a McDonald’s restaurant in Rosedale, Maryland, while others stood by and laughed. On April 18th for over three minutes, an employee, who reportedly has since been fired, filmed Chrissy Lee Polis a 22-year-old white TG, being pulled out of the restaurant’s bathroom and viciously beaten by two customers, apparently for attempting to use the women’s facilities.  She is punched, knocked to the ground, dragged across the floor by her hair, and kicked in the face until she appears to experience a seizure.
Transgender people’s experiences of discrimination are equally as  common when they seek basic human necessities such as employment, housing, and health care, as are reports of violence and harassment against them. TG people and TG people of color, also experience severe health disparities across a number of outcomes, including HIV. The negative health outcomes are associated with stigma and discrimination.
The term transgender is actually an umbrella term that encompasses a variety of gender expressions including, cross-dresser, bi-gender, and transsexual. Those who identify as TG make up a segment of our population that has extremely high HIV risk. Read more

Keith Carson Tours New Community Engagement Center at Alameda County Community Food Bank

Food Bank Advocacy and Education Associate Ecaterina Burton, Supervisor Keith Carson, Food Bank Board member Winifred Day, Food Bank Executive Director Susan Bateson and Senior Legislative Aide to Supervisor Carson Aisha Brown tour the Community Engagement Center at the Alameda County Community Food Bank.

Supervisor Keith Carson is a strong advocate for constituents who rely upon the County safety net for essential services from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), the federal food stamps program which is called CalFresh here in California.  Demand for CalFresh assistance is at an all-time high in Alameda County, with over 40,000 cases as of December 2010 compared to 8,500 cases in March 2003.  The Food Bank is an important partner and assists callers to their Helpline in applying for the CalFresh program.
Rising food costs due to the high price of oil are affecting both families and service providers in the County.  In 2010, the Food Bank served more than 49,000 unduplicated individuals each week, a 23% increase from 2006.  Last year, the Food Bank handed out 20 million pounds of food, 10 million pounds of which was fresh fruit and vegetables.
Before the new Community Engagement Center opened in early February 2011, the Food Bank was able to accommodate 6,600 volunteers per year.  The new center will allow the Food Bank to increase that number to 7,500 people per year.  Whereas previously the facility could only host 60 volunteers at a time, now the center can accept 150 volunteers. Read more

Mosswood Easter Egg Hunt Attracts Over 1,500

Over 1500 people attended the 3rd annual Oakland Mosswood Easter Egg Hunt at Mosswood Park.  Families came from all over Oakland to participate in this event that has grown from a few hundred to over a thousand in just a few years.  Over 1000 free lunches were distributed to the kids that participated in the hunt, as well as over 500,000 pieces of candy were given away during the day.  20 lucky kids won bicycles by finding secret eggs during the hunt.  Between hunts, children participated in dance contests and local Oakland performers displayed their talents for families.  The day ended with happy children helping to clean up the park in order to win a prize.
The Mosswood Easter Egg Hunt is coordinated every year by the non-profit, Creating Enrichment Opportunites (CEO), and a group of Oakland women biker clubs.  The Easter Egg Hunt has remained a grassroots event run by the community, while still garnering the support and sponsorship of the Oakland Parks & Recreation Department, PG&E, Kaiser Permanente, UPS, Waste Management, as well as local community organizations.

DeVon Franklin Takes His Faith to Hollywood

Book singing on Saturday, May 14 at 7 p.m. at Wings of Love Maranatha Ministries, 7007 MacArthur Blvd. in Oakland

East Bay native, DeVon Franklinen

East Bay native, DeVon Franklin, a 32 year old Vice President for Columbia Pictures is one of Hollywood’s elite, a film producer and studio executive who has worked to produce such blockbusters as the Pursuit of Happyness, Karate Kid, Not Easily Broken and Jumping the Broom, which will be released this Friday April 27th.
Franklin is one of the few African American Studio Executives in Hollywood.  Because he has been able to achieve this level of success while maintaining and preaching his Christian faith, Devon decided to write a fascinating book entitled “Produced by Faith: Enjoy Real Success Without Losing Your True Self”.
Franklin’s life and the book are both precious commodities that are receiving high praise from some of Hollywood’s and the faith community’s heaviest hitters; Will Smith to Tyler Perry to Rev. T.D. Jakes.  In fact, Franklin, who is also a soul stirring and powerful preacher, believes that his two worlds are complimentary in many ways that are not only as self fulfilling, but magnificently beneficial to all who come in contact with his movies or his sermons.
Franklin grew up in Albany, CA, attended Albany High School and interned at OCCUR in Oakland, CA before attending USC, where he graduated from their renowned School of Film. Read more

“Jumping the Broom” to Premiere Mother’s Day Weekend

Produced by Tracey E. Edmonds; Released by TriStar, a Sony Pictures Entertainment Company

“Jumping the Broom” stars, Angela Bassett (right) and Paula Patton.

Robert L. Johnson, chairman of The RLJ Companies, founder of Black Entertainment Television (BET), and founder and CEO of Our Stories Films launches a new film, Jumping the Broom, an inspirational and positive story of two very different families who meet for the first time at a weekend wedding in Martha’s Vineyard. Through multi-faceted storylines, the film explores the family dynamics of marriage and reminds us of the bonds that keep families strong.
“Tracey is the president and COO of Our Stories Films where she oversees the development and production of projects for urban audiences. She is very talented and has a strong creative vision,” says Robert L. Johnson. “I trust her direction in telling the memorable stories people want to see and know that audiences will truly enjoy this new film and will closely relate to the story,” he added. “We were also pleased to collaborate with Bishop T.D. Jakes who is very committed to supporting family oriented films,” Johnson concluded. Read more

Foreclosure Day Of Action

By Tanya Dennis

On May 3, homeowners in San Francisco will demand that Wells Fargo pay their fair share of taxes and stop illegal foreclosures.

While millions of Americans are suffering during these harsh economic times.
Many big banks reported record profits in 2010.  Last year, for example, Wells Fargo reportedly received a 4 billion dollar tax refund on 18 billion on pre-tax income and paid 7.5 percent of its pre-tax income of $19 billion on 2010 federal taxes, according to the Government Accountability Office’s 2010 report. As John Q citizen pays for this economic crisis on Wall Street, the very people that created this crisis aren’t!
The report showed $330 billion in federal taxes owed by the millionaires and billionaires was never paid.
If the government imposed a 1% tax on the top 5% of wealthiest households it would result in $340 billion a year and would create 7 million living wage jobs.
In San Francisco,  more than $36 million in property taxes has gone unpaid by banks that have foreclosed on properties.  In Alameda County, the loss is significantly higher at $168,762,213. California is the hardest hit of all states with the highest number of foreclosures, and more than 40% of all foreclosures in the state are tenant occupied properties. Our cities and counties are also suffering as they lose money because banks aren’t paying their fair share in taxes. Read more

Bay Area Black Poets Speakout

By Lee Hubbard

Yuyi Morales - Mexican Bay Area based illustrator, Maya Soetoro Ng, author of Ladder to the Moon and Jerri Lange. Photo by Gene Hazzard.

The poems of poets such as DeVorah Major, Michele Fleming-Bendo, Camille Dungy and Jerri Lange can be heard Sunday May 15 at 2 p.m. in the Koret Auditorium of the San Francisco Main Library at 100 Larkin Street.
These poets will be on hand to speak at the Arts & Letters Committee of the San Francisco Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, in the groups effort to highlight black writers.
“This is a meet the authors event,” said Frankie Gillette, a member of the Arts and Letters Committee. “This is for the public to hear there work and enjoy it and meat these authors.”
Lange will be the moderator for the star studded literary event.  Major was the San Francisco Poet Laureate and her latest book is “An Open Weave and Brown Class Windows.” Dungy is an associate professor at San Francisco State University and the author of ‘Suck on the Marrow” and Bendo is the author of the book “My mouth to your ear.”
This is second year of the Arts and Letters Committee event.  Last years event had over two hundred people in attendance.  After this years event, the Delta Sigma Theta sorority will be starting a book club where black women can come together and learn from each other. Read more

Commission on Aging Fund Raising Zydeco Dance and Gumbo Dinner

On May 20, 2011 the Commission on Aging is sponsoring a Zydeco Dinner/Dance to raise funds to ensure that activities and programs for Seniors that are sponsored by the Commission will continue.
The Commission invites everyone to join friends and family at the Richmond Auditorium, 403 Civic Center Plaza from 7 PM until 11 PM to enjoy a festive evening of dancing to the Zydeco music of “Gator Beat” a Zydeco band known for it’s hard hitting New Orleans sounds.  Attendees will also enjoy a gumbo dinner prepared by Gaye Williams of Nika’s catering.
Tickets are on sale at the Recreation Complex, 3230 Macdonald Ave., Richmond, CA., telephone 510-620-6793.  Tickets are $25 per person.  Reserved tables for 8 are $250.  Other tables and seating are on a first come, first served basis.  For additional information contact Eli Williams, Chair, 510-232-4690 or Beverly Wallace, Vice Chair, 510-223-4528.

Richmond’s ‘Clean Up, Green Up’ Campaign

By Tasion

Residents “dig in” at the school gardens and neighbors’ properties.

Recently, the City of Richmond and community based organizations hosted Nystrom Community’s first Annual Cesar Chavez Community Garden Day to kick off the ‘Clean Up, Green Up’ campaign. Residents of the Coronado, Santa Fe, and Iron Train neighborhoods came together to revitalize and beautify community spaces and resident properties adjacent to Nystrom Elementary, Richmond College Prep, and Leadership High School.
“The community garden day launched our green campaign so there will be numerous events and activities in the future,” said April Suwalsky of Richmond Community Foundation. “On May 7th from 11am to 2pm, we are hosting the opening of Martin Luther King Jr. Park located on the corner of Harbor Way and Cutting Boulevard and the entrance is located on 12th and Virginia.
Partnering organizations for the campaign  include: The Richmond Community Foundation, Urban Tilth, Coronado Neighborhood Council, Richmond College Prep, and the Nystrom United Revitalization Effort (NURVE) Physical Environment Community Action Team. The ‘Clean Up, Green Up’ works to beautify those areas that have been stigmatized and underserved due to real and imagined economic and public safety issues. The program includes tree-planting to produce giveaway. Their goal is to create vibrant living spaces for all Richmond residents. Read more

Students: “Let’s Eat Fresh Vegetables at School”

When Oakland’s Cleveland School fifth grade students found that asparagus traveled 15,000 miles to reach their school cafeteria salad bar, they asked the head of Nutrition Services, Jennifer LeBarre to do something about it because California grows asparagus that is closer.
Inspired by the students, LeBarre has been working to bring local produce onto cafeteria menus, while tying her department to a variety of educational efforts that teach students about fresh, local foods.  This year, the district celebrates Earth Day in their elementary schools with a special locally-grown meal on April 28, and will  launch a new educational campaign called Oakland Eats Garden Fresh (OEGF)) to raise student awareness about the importance of eating fresh, local produce. Read more

Lincoln Child Center’s Liberty Award

From left to right: Alameda County Presiding Judge Jon R. Rolefson, Wendall Mitchell, Member, Board of Directors, Lincoln Child Center, Tony Thurmond, Senior Director of Community Based Programs, Lincoln Child Center, and Alameda County Superior Court Judge Gordon Baranco. The Lincoln Child Center received Liberty Bell Award from the Alameda County Superior Court’s Law Day Committee. Presiding Judge Jon R. Rolefson is holding the Law Day Proclamation document signed by the Alameda County Board of Supervisors, County Administrator, and Assistant Presiding Judge. Photo by Monica Porter.

Lincoln Child Center enables vulnerable and emotionally troubled children and their families to lead independent and fulfilling lives.
The Liberty Bell Award was presented by Alameda to the Lincoln Child Center because the Center provided outstanding community service, stimulated a sense of civic responsibility, and encouraged a greater respect for law and the courts.
May 2011 was proclaimed Law Month 2011 by Alameda County. Law Month urges the communities, schools, businesses, and media of Alameda County to celebrate our democratic heritage and participate in preserving and strengthening the rule of law through education and discussion about the everyday application of democratic, civic and legal processes in our communities.

Oakland Bay Area Chapter of Links, Inc. Awards High School Seniors With Scholarships

Front Row, from left to right: Alayna Smith-McFee, Naomi Thompson, Ashlee Wood, Erica Parker, Taylor Brandon, Erica Lang, Megan Frank;Middle Row: Dr. Ruth Love, Wade Lloyd Robinson, Meredyth Floyd, Asya Brown, Channing Carney-Filmore, Monica DeShay, Shevonne May, Natassija Jordan-Oliver, Allen L. Williams II; Back Row:Chad Washington, Keir Abrams, Philip Forestant, Lawrence McDonald, Xhjyl Kelley-Gossett, Justin Scott. Not Pictured: Alexis Brown, Gabrielle Davenport, David Thomas, Jason Anderson, Albrey Bristo-Brown, Anthony Trainor and Kennedy Welch. Photo by Gene Hazzard.

28 African American high school seniors who were debutantes and escorts in the 2010 Links Cotillion and who have earned an overall Grade Point Average from 3.0 – 4.+ from an East Bay public, private or parochial high school were awarded a Book Scholarship of $500.00 and Certificates of Merit from  Mayor Jean Quan of Oakland, Congresswoman Barbara Lee and the Links on April 17 at Bechtel Auditorium in Samuel Maerritt University in Oakland..
In addition to their excellent academic performance, the recipients have also exemplified outstanding citizenship, school attendance and leadership skills in their schools and their communities.
Dr. Ruth Love will be this year’s keynote speaker.  Dr. Love was the Superintendent of Schools in Oakland for several years and also served as the General Superintendent for the Chicago Board of Education.  She currently teaches in a doctorate program at the University of California, Berkeley.
The Oakland Bay Area Chapter of Links, with 53 members,  is one of 261 chapters throughout the nation.

Leonard Wilson, Paralyzed Foreclosure Victim

By Tanya

Leonard Wilson

In 1990, former basketball great Al Attles brought Midnight Basketball from Chicago to Oakland to stop kids from getting killed after statistics revealed that from Thursday to Saturday night, 75%  of all youth fatalities occurred.  In 1994 Leonard Wilson, the northwest manager of the program was also celebrating his first year anniversary of a self-esteem youth program  he brought to a program called the “Underground Railroad,” sponsored by Oakland Recreation and Parks.
On August 6, 1994 his life would change forever.  Prior to that night, Wilson was also the leader of  “LK Wilson and the Creativity Band.”  Which had performed for Ray Charles, The Miracles and the Temptations.  As lead singer, Wilson had signed a contract with Sony.
Wilson opened the gym at 8:00 p.m.  Around 10:00 Wilson was keeping score.  Prior to the gym opening, two young men fought in the parking lot but later settled the score with gunshots. Pandemonium erupted  causing a girl to fall on Wilson breaking his neck.
Wilson  , paralyzed from the chest down,  spent months in hospitals learning to walk again.
Wilson continued to be active in school and discovered that schools had stopped issuing pencils and paper due to budget cuts.  He adopted a third grade class at Maxwell Elementary and donated school supplies.  Since 1999 he has given 45 college  scholarships. As a graduate of Oakland High, he’s given “Lifetime Achievement Awards” to other Oakland High Alumni like  Bill Bell, District attorney of Oakland, John Thurston, and Ray Sherman, a coach of the Dallas Cowboys.   Read more

Be the Cause for a Just Cause

The Post will publish your best fundraising strategies and ideas

By Paul

Because the economy is spiraling downward, because energy and oil prices are spiraling upward and because the lack of government funding is spiraling sideways, causing schools, churches and non-profit service groups to cutback services and layoff workers, everyone is feeling the economic pinch.
We at the Post News Group are witnessing this horrific decline and are regularly updating the misery index of foreclosures, layoffs, bankruptcies and job fairs. But, we also want to do something to reverse the bad news with some good news from our readers. We will publish your suggestions, ideas and proposed fund-raising solutions for beleaguered schools, cash-strapped non-profit groups, and faith-based community-support programs.
The Post and El Mundo is seeking solutions. Whether your idea is revolves around group-buying plans, multi-level marketing of products with profits going to programs, or selling raffle tickets at street fairs or fundraisers to prevent foreclosures. No idea is too small or too large, as long as it’s legal. Read more

Birthers’ Issue Aborted

Obama Trumped the  Birther Movement’s false certification claims when he released his official Hawaiian birth certificate Wednesday.
When President Barack Hussein Obama released his birth certificate it resulted in a hushed shameful moment of racialized disgrace for the Birther advocates who have been joined and championed by billionaire Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump.
After the President’s birth certificate decertified the republican claims, the republican’s birth issue is now politically stillborn. Obama proved that he’s out of Africa but was born in the USA and now Donald Trump runs the risk of becoming a political orphan of the Republican and Tea Party activists.
David Frum of the National Post wrote: “Now the more haunting question: How did this poisonous and not very subtly racist allegation get such a grip on our conservative movement and our Republican party?
I know there will be Republican writers and conservative publicists who will now deny that birtherism ever did get a grip. Sorry, that’s just wrong. Not only did Trump surge ahead in Republican polls by flaming racial fires -not only did conservative media outlets from Fox to Drudge to the Breitbart sites indulge the birthers -but so also did every Republican candidate who said, “I take the President at his word.” Read more

Harris Wants Crackdown on Transnational Gangs

Attorney General Kamala D. Harris (center) testified in a state Senate committee in support of a pair of bills that will assist her efforts to fight transnational gangs that are fueled by gun violence and the drug trade.

Attorney General Kamala D. Harris testified Wednesday in a state Senate committee in support of legislation to assist her efforts to fight transnational gangs that are fueled by gun violence and the drug trade.
“Transnational gangs are the top emerging public safety threat to the people of California,” Harris said. “These bills will help law enforcement take guns and drugs out of the hands of gang members.”
Harris said SB 819 by Sen. Mark Leno of San Francisco, provides funding to  confiscate firearms from people legally barred from possessing them, including convicted felons and persons determined to be mentally unstable.      The state Department of Justice, Bureau of Firearms estimates there are 18,615 armed prohibited persons possessing 34,708 handguns and 1,579 assault weapons in the state. The bill increases the regulatory fees collected from gun dealers. Read more

Debbra Lindo Leads Emeryville Schools

Debbra Lindo

Debbra Lindo , Director of Secondary Education for the Palo Alto Unified School District (PAUSD), has been selected to be the new superintendent of the Emery Unified School District. The school board took a unanimous vote at Monday night’s board meeting. She will replace John Sugiyama, who has served as interim superintendent for three years. Lindo is to begin as the new Emery superintendent July 1. PAUSD Superintendent, Kevin Skelly, said of Lindo, “Dr. Lindo is impressive and deeply committed to the success of all students. She will be missed.”
Board President, Miguel Dwin and a team of Emery stakeholders traveled to Palo Alto for a validation visit. “Debbra impressed the board and the Emery visiting committee. With each professional accomplishment, Lindo has continued to believe in the potential of all students. She believes the greatest social justice issue facing our country today continues to be the lack of equity and access of disenfranchised students to an exceptional education,” Dwin said.
“She has a reputation as a visionary who is not afraid to roll up her sleeves to get the job done,” Dwin commented. “I believe Dr. Lindo will lead our district Instructional programs for student learning in to the 21st century. She believes in staff empowerment and accountability for results, and that great teachers have a significant impact on student outcomes,” he added. Read more

LOTHARIO “Lo the Show” LOTHO, 64

Lothario “Lo the Show” Lotho

Bay Area entertainment icon, Lothario “Lo the Show” Lotho passed away from an apparent heart attack on Saturday, April 9, after fulfilling an active and thrilling entertainment career.  He rightfully claimed the title of “Bay Area Entertainment Icon.” Lotho was 64.
Lotho was widely known for his Master of Ceremonies duties for the annual Berkeley Juneteenth Festival Inc. where he was recognized as “the voice of the Festival” for 24 years.
Entertainer, motivational speaker and talent coordinator, Lotho once noted that his role was simply to ‘give back to the community’. I’ve also wanted to share my talents and skills. I have a commitment to serving the people.”
A native of Fulton, Missouri, Lotho arrived in San Francisco in the early 1960’s after receiving his early education in Minnesota.
Lo, as he was known to close friends and associates, graduated from the University of California Berkeley in 1975, receiving a BA in Dramatic Arts.
Even while still in college, he was the youngest and first black candidate, to run for mayor of the city of Oakland in 1972.  He ran alongside Bobby Seale, co-founder of the Black Panther Party, against then Mayor John Redding.
He played the trumpet and flute and later became a professional dancer and singer.  He credits his mother, Margo Norman, for his success. Read more

More Than 1,000 Attend Jesus “Chuy” Campos Funeral

Jesus “Chuy” Campos

More than 1,000 people paid their respects at a funeral Mass on Wednesday for Oakland restaurateur Jesus “Chuy” Campos, 58, who was shot and killed early Friday during a botched robbery at his restaurant, Otaez Mexi-catessen, on International Boulevard in the city’s Fruitvale district. Mourners walked from the restaurant to St. Elizabeth Church, where Campos was remembered as a respected community member who worked to reduce crime in the neighborhood.
Mourners on Wednesday marched from 58-year-old Jesus Campos’ Otaez Mexicatessen restaurant in the city’s Fruitvale District to St. Elizabeth Church accompanied by mariachis, a brass band and Aztec dancers.
Campos was shot Friday morning last week at the restaurant. Police have not made any arrests and are looking into whether Campos was targeted.
Campos and his wife, Socorro, bought Otaez Mexicatessen in the mid-1980s and expanded into Alameda and Oakland International Airport.
Campos was active in the Fruitvale community, and had talked about making the area safer.

Foreclosure: Why Original Documents are Important

By Tanya

A recent 60 minutes report and numerous national news reports have revealed that banks have used fabricated documents in possibly millions of illegal foreclosures.
The bank’s law firms and courts have been complicit. One essential element that is supposed to be authentic is the promissory note. In order to legally foreclose, the bank is supposed to be in possession of the original note which is the security for the deed of trust or mortgage. Without the note, the deed of trust or mortgage is incidental. This is why they are inseparable. But most mortgages have been securitized which results  in the note being separated and sold into investment trusts. However, in non-judicial states like California, the banks argue that under Cal. Civ. Code 2924, banks aren’t required to produce the note, and again, the courts are complicit. You would think that if the banks had the note that proves they are owners with the right to collect payments and right to foreclose, they would be anxious to produce it.   Read more

Lesa McIntosh – Raises the Bar

Underrepresented and underprivileged get over with her help

By Tasion Kwamilele

Lesa McIntosh

As soon as Lesa McIntosh passed the State Bar Exam she began to raise the bar that prevented many underserved  residents from receiving first class legal representation. She raised the bar and has set a standard for all attorneys to match when it comes to full and equal service for all.
Lesa R. McIntosh was born in Oakland and has been a resided in West Contra Costa Country for 56 years. Her parents relocated from Alabama to Richmond in 1943 and worked to open a federal credit union, recycling facilities, and a landscaping business which later obtained one of BART’s first landscaping contracts. Following in her parents footsteps, McIntosh focused heavily on her education, passed the California State Bar Exam, and has since committed herself to providing services to the Richmond community.
“After passing the Bar Exam, my motivation to go into business was learning that only a handful of African American lawyers are in private practice,” said McIntosh.
For 22 years, The Law Office of Lesa R. McIntosh has provided quality professional legal services to those in need. Recognizing the diversity of the Richmond community, McIntosh believed it was essential that the underprivileged and underrepresented also have access to quality and affordable legal services other than those provided by the county. She specializes in wills, trusts, probates, and durable power of attorneys.
“My mother, Jewel, started People Pledged for Community Progress, a nonprofit group providing service to the Richmond community for the underserved as well training young people for the workforce,” said McIntosh. “Just like her, I enjoy solving problems and providing customers with the information to relieve their stress. People can become so frantic about legal issues and I love being able to restore their confidence.” Read more