Value-Centered Solutions, Inc. Brings Value and Solutions

By Tasion Kwamilele

Michael Parker. Photo by Joe L. Fisher, BAPAC.

The value of Valued Centered Solutions (VCS) is that the organization brings value-added upgrades for everyone. He teaches you how to run yourself successfully. He helps you to understand how to run your life
Value-Centered Solutions Incorporation has been servicing the Richmond community for eight years providing personal and professional training to entrepreneurs, business owners, corporations, and individuals motivated to succeed.
Michael Parker is a native of Richmond and founder of VCS, Incorporated. By using his experiences from his childhood, Parker realized that obtaining success began with the right mind frame. He developed life-altering strategies and methodologies that can be applied in your personal life, career and business. Now, Parker operates two successful businesses, Jovance Salon & Barbering and VCS, Inc.
“Whether it is a professional or personal goal, we work with the ’You Are a CEO’ program. We teach that ‘You Run the Business of You’ and with this mentality it helps the client develop themselves in the areas of money, business, relationships, and health & fitness,” said Parker.
Clients participate in workshops, CEO TV shows, coaching sessions, and podcasts that help individuals focus their business plans on what matters. Combining education with entertainment, their “edutainment” style of teaching has allowed the company to help numerous businesses and individuals bring their goals to fruition.
“One of the most loved elements of ‘You Are a CEO’ program is “InOutCash”, a complete money management software that looks at how your cash comes in and goes out, and then coaches you to excellent financial health,” added Parker.
Value-Centered Solutions, Incorporated is located at 3260 Blume Drive, Suite 140, San Pablo. Hours of operation are Monday – Friday, 9am to 6pm. For more information, call 510.662.3333 or visit to learn more about the services provided or upcoming events.