“A Rapture,” Not a Capture, for Parolees. They Find Jobs with Cal Trans

By Post Staff

From left to right back row: Warren Morey-ODRC Director, Roscoe Frederick-Participant, Marlin Whaley-Participant, Reggie Foster-Participant, Michael McClain-Participant, Tim Nelson-Participant, Doug Yee-ODRC Job Developer, From left to right front row: Trent Manning-Caltrans Project Manager, Bernard Thompson-ODRC Crew Supervisor, Therica Hubbard-Case Manager, Sonia Sandoval- CDCR Parole Service Associate, Lorenzo Haley-Participant, Stan Lovely-Case Manager, Andrew Josey- Case Manager Supervisor, Christopher Bonds-Participant.

When the court  announced that 43,000 prisoners would be given an early release there were some mixed responses such as “A rapture, not a capture, for prisoners?” or, “Have mercy, what can we do to help them help themselves?” But the Center Point Oakland Day Reporting Center (Oakland DRC)  has some answers that will make Oaklanders feel comfortable. They have some good news because they are helping to prepare parolees to find gainful employment.
(Oakland DRC) is a private, not-for-profit corporation that focuses on treating the whole person. They have joined forces with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and are helping participants, all currently on active parole, become pro-social, responsible members of their community. The DRC Director Warren Morey says the joint venture program with Cal Trans provides support and education Oakland’s men and women parolee population. He said DRC aims to help parolees “reclaim their dignity and develop life skills training, vocational training, job readiness and job placement, individual and group counseling, treatment for addictive disorders and mental illness, parenting classes, and transitional and permanent housing placements.”
Morey says, with hard work he and Caltrans State-Wide Litter Abatement Program Manager Trent Manning have developed a viable working relationship that will provide employment opportunities for parolees. “Our program allows male and female parolees to reintegrate into our community in a positive, discerning manner while earning a livable wage and learning necessary life and job skills.”
The parolee/trainees will begin working June 1 at 7:30am, under the instruction of the Center Point Crew Supervisor Bernard Thompson.
For information contact Warren Morey at (510)496-5140 or by email wmorey@cpinc.org.