Eden Alternative Training Offered at Salem Lutheran Home June 13 – 15

A three-day workshop focusing on the Eden Alternative, a philosophy which offers creative ways to change the culture of elder care facilities, will be held June 13 through 15, 2011, at Salem Lutheran Home, 2361 East 29th Street, in Oakland’s Diamond District.
The Eden Alternative is a global movement, active in all of America’s 50 states and numerous Asian and European countries. It was founded in 1991 by award-winning physician Dr. Bill Thomas. The non-profit organization has the potential to remake the experience of aging and disability across America and around the world.  Dr. Thomas has been hailed for starting a revolution to radically transform long-term care.
“The reason the Eden Alternative is so useful to people working in long-term care is that it addresses three very fundamental problems, that are otherwise overlooked,” said Dr. Bill Thomas. “These problems are boredom, loneliness and helplessness. The traditional nursing home gives you three meals a day, but no reason to live. We must get people hooked on life,” he said.
The Eden Alternative workshop is designed for those involved in the care of seniors, healthcare administrators, policy-makers and those family members who wish to be active in culture change around the care of the elderly.  Culture change is moving away from the traditional, medical model and into providing a more home-like setting where people live and grow.
“The Eden Alternative movement is inspiring a national and international shift in geriatric medicine and elder care,” said Gilbert Carrasco, Executive Director of Salem Lutheran Home. “We are honored to be a part of it and welcome anyone who is interested. Join us!”
Those attending the workshop will learn about Eden Alternative’s Ten Principle approach to person-directed care, learn how meaningful care nurtures the human spirit as well as the human body. Attendees will gain skills to strengthen partnership development, discover that improving well-being for all also improves the well-being of a business itself, and become equipped and inspired to initiate change.
For information about the three-day workshop, June 13 – 15 at Salem Lutheran Home in Oakland, please call 585-461-3951 or register online at www.edenalt.org.