Pastor Keys Locked Out

Pastor Sidney Keys and his 79 year old mother Mary Keys stood in front of their foreclosed Bibleway Apostolic Church, locked out, with no keys to enter their own house of worship. They are praying for help, both spiritual and political, to stay the Torrey Pines Bank from auctioning off all of their church’s property and belongings Monday May 23
The post learned that the Bank had rejected the keys last-ditch offer to purchase the Church, with help from investors, which included the Post news Group.
The bank loaned money to the church to rebuild and expand the facility.
The Builders Control and loan packagers’ hard money terms expanded their original loan amount beyond their ability to pay. Their half million dollar loan ballooned to more than $800,000 with none of the money being spent by the Keys.
With the help of mayor Gayle McLaughlin, Congressman George Miller, Supervisor John Gioia and the Police Chief vouching for the Keys and their natal services to the iron Triangle area resident federal and state officials are now investigating possible bank involvement with document forgery and other charges.
Rev. Jesse Jackson and Operation PUSH are calling for the Federal Government and the State Attorney General to halt the auction until the criminal investigation is complete. Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton are also asking the Bank to not auction off the church property on the sidewalk Monday.
“Our offer has been rejected. And we are broken hearted,” said Pastor and mother keys.
To close our church in a neighborhood that is experiencing many foreclosures will only add to the blight. The Bank says we have abandoned the church. We have not. We have been locked out. They said they will auction off everything for pennies on the dollar and then sell the church,” said Pastor Keys.
The pastor meets with Miller and Gioia Saturday to try to get a delay to keep the ban from throwing their songbooks and choir robes in the dump.
“I didn’t think they would go this far to harm the home of the anointed,’ said Mother Keys.