Rev. Antoinette Miles, Bay Point First AME, Feed Homeless and Needy

From left to right: 1st Row ( Children Sitting down) - Jahleel Ayala, Alicia Coulter; 2nd Row - Kevin Ota, James, Kaysdria, Nasir Hicks, Reverend Antoinette Miles, Paul Chambers, (Deborah Roberts - Health Ministry Coordinator); 3rd Row - Jerome Anderson, Zaniya Anderson, Melody Mccoy, Sharon, Damon; 4th Row - Marsha Marra, Patrice, Laurina Perkins, Shawne Eagleton, Dale Marion, Shamia Mixon, Linda King, Liz Nash; 5th Row - Carlos Perkins, Brian Marion, Nancy Jackson, Nellie Williams and Far Right - John Jackson.

By David Scott

Rev. Antoinette Miles, guided by the admonition of the biblical account in Luke 9:10-17 of Jesus when he spoke to his disciples about the feeding of 5,000 people with five loaves and two fish, ‘’You give them something to eat’’, led her Prayer Ministry at the Bay Point First AME Community Church to take the homeless and low income families to dinner at the Outback Steak House on Resurrection Easter Sunday.
Rev. Antoinette Miles, Prayer Ministry Coordinator, opens the doors of the church for Prayer and Outreach every morning at 8:30 am at the First African Methodist Episcopal Community Church located at 2915 Willow Pass Road Bay Point, CA.
“Paid in Full” was also the title of the sermon preached by Senior Pastor Reverend Michael Permillion. The church paid the full amount for 38 patrons who included senior citizens, young adults and children. The First AME Prayer Ministry also provided Easter Baskets for the children.
Deborah Roberts, the church’s Health Ministry Coordinator distributed Adult Care Packets for those that are in transition.
Gabe Fernandez Managing Partner of the Outback Steak House located at 150 A Longbrook Way, Pleasant Hill helped facilitate the meal
Rev. Miles said her church ascribes to the belief that ‘’You can give without Loving, but you cannot love without giving.”