Yankees bats too much for the A's

Oakland, CA – Another night of trouble on the mound, this time Brett Anderson was the victim of the Yankees offense.  It seemed too easy for the Bronx Bombers, everything went their way much like yesterday’s game except the A’s managed to avoid a shutout.

Anderson was not the good luck charm many had hoped for but instead fell flat early.  There wasn’t much flare to his performance which led to a 10-3 crushing defeat by New York. Again, another long ball in the first inning put Oakland in a hole to deep to dig themselves out of.

“It didn’t seem to work for Brett tonight,” manager Bob Geen said.  ”Just seemed like some good pitches but the bloopers cost him.  They seemed to score every inning, the lead was to much to over come.”

Derek Jeter leadoff the game with a single and Curtis Granderson hit his seventeenth home run of the season and drove in four runs. Almost “deja vu from game one of the series.  However, Oakland responded well on defense in the second inning when Brett Anderson’s line drive to shortstop Andy LaRoche got the double play at first.

But Alex Rodriguez RBI single to center field made it difficult to keep pace.  He also had three hits and brought in three runs which made it impossible for a comeback.  Yet, the A’s didn’t raise any white flags, LaRoche knocked a three-base hit to right field and Nick Swisher lost sight of the ball.

David DeJesus followed with a single RBI to give Oakland their first run.  Coco Crisp also contributed with a triple to leadoff the fifth and DeJesus gave life to the offense on a two-run homer that was his first for the season.  Despite the effort the A’s just ran out of gas yielding at least three errors in twenty-nine games.

Bottom of the fourth Oakland was left with runners in position as Freddy Garcia loaded the bases after walking Kevin Kouzmanoff but Andy grounded out to shortstop for the out.

“It seems you face one guy, than another that’s an All-Star, a potential Hall of Famer, it’s tough,” said Anderson.  ”It’s another big league lineup you have to go through and try to battle your way through it and I just didn’t do a very good job of that tonight.”

In 5 1/3 innings Brett gave up eleven hits, ten runs (nine earned), three walks, three strikeouts, two home runs and one batter hit by a pitch. This was a career-high in both runs and earned runs.  The last time he gave up nine earned runs was May 15, 2009 against the Detroit Tigers.

It was also the first time a starter allowed more than five or more runs in an outing.  Coming into tonight’s game, Anderson had surrendered only two home runs in eleven of his starts including one in the month of May.  But something was very different tonight, a combination of bad pitches and costly errors was the reason for the game spiraled out of control.

His ERA ballooned from 2.84 to 3.68.  The Yankees third straight victory came behind the pitching of another new face, Garcia.  He held the A’s to three runs over seven innings, posting a win for the second straight start.  The way he displayed his composure of getting out of trouble when needed included stranding the bases loaded in the fourth by getting LaRoche to bounce into a fielder’s choice to prevent a strong comeback from Oakland.

“We have a good lineup,” said manager Joe Girardi. “We have a deep lineup and we have patient hitters that know how to work the count and foul pitches off.  When guys make mistakes, they get to them.”

There is no doubt the Yankees have what it takes to dominate the game behind their veteran players.  Coming into the series, the ball club had some reservations regarding the stellar pitching the A’s have displayed in the past but thus far it has proved to be no match against their big bats.


Written by: Malaika Bobino