By Faith VFO Works for Vallejo

By Paul Cobb

VFO President Rev. Danny Jefferson meets with State Attorney General Kamala Harris to discuss Crime and Safety issues.

“By faith, the City and citizens of Vallejo can move forward by working together to solve its community problems,” says Rev. Danny Jefferson pastor of Rehoboth World Outreach Center, C.O.G.I.C.. He told the Post News Group that four years ago, in July of 2007, he led a group of Vallejo Pastors to meet with a group of Vallejo Marketplace Ministers, led by Michael Brown, to find common ground on how they, moving together, in faith, could make a difference for the City’s children and residents. They merged their resources into the Vallejo Faith Organization (VFO) to make a positive impact in the City of Vallejo.
Now VFO plans to continue to positively transform Vallejo by faithfully adhering to their core values of: quality public education, safety and crime prevention and holding elected officials accountable through their full participation in the electoral process.
Jefferson’s VFO also wants to see more economic development to help create jobs and revenue for Vallejo.  All of this, says Jefferson, can be accomplished by promoting Biblical morality and by strengthening families through teaching family values. “Our mission , with prayer and God’s guiding principles, is to help Vallejo prosper, change lives, perform loving acts of kindness as a faith community working to unify the business, education and government sectors to make this a more beautiful city.”
Rev. Jefferson and the VFO’s action agenda will be featured in the Post’s future issues.
For more VFO information, call (707) 567-4217.