First Lady Genea S. Brice:

By Paul Cobb

First Lady Genea S. Brice

First Lady Genea S. Brice is three times a lady in a perpetual pursuit of academic excellence.
She says her faith and commitment to her Christian beliefs strengthens her educational pursuits.
She’s at once an unabashed true-believing Christian. She’s twice a scholar. And she’s three times a First Lady. First Lady Brice serves her family, her God and her community, which thanks her for the time that she’s given them.
Brice currently holds a B.A. in Liberal Studies/English Literature from
Oakland’s Patten University and an M.A. in Old Testament Studies from Sacramento Theological Seminary, and is the founder, president and CEO of a multi-ethnic mentorship program for girls called W.I.N.G.S. (Women Inspiring the Next Generation of Sisters).
Not only does she quietly inspire girls and women to achieve, she also actively participates in the Vallejo Faith Organization (see page 2), outreaching and preaching active community service and involvement, because she knows she also has something to say out loud.
A published poet, mentor, Bible teacher, and speaker, First Lady Brice blends what she refers to as an admixture of “scriptural soundness and cultural relevance.” This combination makes her a much sought-after Christian conference and motivational speaker.  
In February, 2010, First Lady Brice became a published author, as well!  Her first book is entitled, Weaned in the Desert: Souvenirs from Sacred Seasons with my Savior.
Along with her firm bible-based foundation, First Lady Brice enjoys acting, dancing, and working out daily.
As a mother she is committed to her family.  She is married to the Rev. Larry W. Brice, Sr., Pastor of the Peoples Baptist Church.  Their two children Nicari Brendelle and Larry W. Brice, II, are her joyous blessings.
Again, with a scriptural reference, she quotes David, the biblical psalmist-poet, when describing her children: “This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes!”
As a teacher/speaker, mother and poetess, Brice is thrice a lady.