Fundraising’s Up at Downs

By Ruth Love

The Downs Community Development Corporation (DCDC) sponsored its second fundraising Auction on this past June 4th at Merritt College. People from all over the Bay Area came out to bid. The signature item was a sculpted bust of Civil Rights Icon, Rosa Parks. Other items included a poster of President Obama, autographed sports memorabilia, and a portrait of First Lady Michelle Obama along with many other items.
As attendees mused around, they enjoyed delicious food and wonderful music. It was a grand occasion for good causes. The funds will be used to support school programs for students at risk of being retained, for food services of low-income men and women and activities for senior citizens.
Board of Directors Chair, Dr. Ruth Love stated, “The evening was very important for DCDC because we need the financial resources to continue to serve the community. Our programs include a summer school for students at risk of being retained in grade level, a feeding program (Fishes & Loaves) and activities for senior citizens.”
Donations may be sent to Downs Community Development Corporation (DCDC) at 1027 60th Street, Oakland 94608. (510) 208-2900. DCDC is a 501c not-for-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.