Post Interns Plan for College

Miracle Chavis (left) and Daryle Allums Jr.

Daryle Allums Jr., and Miracle Chavis are interns at the Post Newspaper.
They also serve as Music Ministers at Tree Of Life Empowerment Ministries.
Daryle’s goal is to attend Stanford while Miracle wants to attend UC Berkeley.
Daryle 15, attends Kipp King Collegiate High School was accepted into SMASH a STEM(Science,Technology,Engineering, and Mathematics) at Stanford. Fortunate honors participants are referred to as SMASH-scholars. His basketball team also won the BACSAC Championship 2010-2011 season.’’ I am excited about SMASH he say’s’’ this gives me an opportunity to prepare for college and also to have access to workshops throughout the year with potential scholarships at my finger tips’’. Miracle 17, entering her senior year at Skyline High  was accepted to UC Berkeley’s Debate Camp. Miracle’s an honor student and a gifted praise dancer of The Faith Empowerment Praise Team also loves to debate.. She often travels all over the state competing with other high school debate teams on tough issues like International Women’s Rights and Racial Justice issues.