Safeway Hosts World’s Longest Picnic Table in SF

By Barbara Fluhrer

Danielle Wolfeone of the hostess at the Safeway Picnic at Marina Green in San Francisco.

Safeway hosted 400 people for a lavish lunch by local chef Tyler Florence and set a world record, breaking the Guinness World Record.
The 305 feet and 3 inches long table, set for hundreds, by invitation only, at the Marina Green in San Francisco, established the record as the world’s longest picnic table.
Why? Safeway is going green and  is celebrating their Open Nature promise that ingredients should come from nature and food should have as little processing as possible.  Guests were treated to various products by Open Nature. Safeway’s Open Nature provides a range of natural foods across multiple categories – everything from fresh chicken, yogurt and ice cream to salad dressings, peanut butter, dinner sausages, hot dogs and pastas, cereals, granolas and juices.
Keeping with Open Nature’s all-natural ingredients approach, the record-setting table was built with Douglas fir, and for every Forest Stewardship Council tree used, 10 more will be planted.  After the event the table will be broken into parts and donated to parks.  All products used for the picnic were environmentally conscious, including utensils and plates.
Food network chef and restaurateur, Tyler Florence signed his new cook book.  “Food has always been important in my life and I think it is really important that people know where their food comes from”, said Florence.