Students “Choose College for Life”

By Ashley

Aujzhane Buchanan, 15, of Fairfield High School, after winning the Brain Battle 2011.

Knowledge is power and The Choose College Educational Foundation gave students their opportunity to shine at the Super SATurday Fair and College Rally at the Oakland Marriott last month. Hosted by celebrity Sway Calloway with appearances and performances by artists Lil’ B the Based God, Dahrio Wonder, and Deja Bryson, this gave high school scholars the resources to prepare for the SATs and college.
This event was sponsored by R.T. Fisher Educational Enterprises, Way Out Promotions, and College Board with co-sponsors Clear Channel, 106KMEL, Ruhitz Radio, and Hayden Creative. The highlight of the day was the Brain Battle 2011, a SAT rap battle with guest celebrity judges, including Lil B, and a cash prize!
Four high school students became SAT lyricists, using vocabulary from the test in a clean rap as they battled each other. Fifteen-year old Aujzhane Buchanan, a sophomore at Fairfield High School, walked away with the cash prize as she motivated peers to put education first.
Executive Director of Choose College, Monique August says in making education a cool thing, the foundation wants to give students opportunities to go to college and make them “feel secure and confident that they can get there.” Promoting the message to “Choose College for Life”, they are on track in bringing those resources to the community and in helping to bridge the gap of educational achievement between white and minority students.
Robyn Fisher, educator, founder of Choose College and Director of R.T. Fisher Educational Enterprises, says, “College is a lifelong pursuit; you choose it as a life goal. Education is forever. Our students are creative and brilliant in their own unique way and I wanted them to have an opportunity to see that you can pursue college in a creative way.”
Parents and students can visit the website at for upcoming SAT workshops, classes, and more information.