Bay Area author honored, new movies in theaters this weekend!!

CBS 5 KPIX TV recently bestowed its Jefferson Award to Eve Lynne Robinson, an Oakland-based artist, former celebrity photographer and the author of the Ella B Jenkins children’s book series for her years of community service.  The Jefferson Award recognizes community and public service in America.

Robinson, who was diagnosed with agoraphobia 15 years ago, was given the award locally through CBS 5 for founding the nonprofit Sankofa Holistic Healing Institute (SHHI). She launched the organization in 1996 and wrote a companion Healing Journal: Baby Steps to Overcoming Negative Thoughts, Panic, Anxiety and Depression” in 1999 to help thousands of women and children who like herself, battle anxiety and depression. Her vision, said Robinson, is to develop an institution to promote healing in the midst of some of the poorest and most troubled neighborhoods in Oakland.

“I started Sankofa because I wanted to help people. I know what they are going through. Not everyone has access to the resources they need to get better. Sankofa is about healing.”

Since 1996, Robinson, who hosts Halloween parties and even had Oakland Mayor Jean Quan attend one of her Easter egg hunts, has expanded the organization to include food, clothing and bicycle distribution to low-income neighbors in her East Oakland neighborhood.

Eve Lynne Robinson

Have you ever felt crazy and stupid while in love?  At some point, love’s unpredictability has caused many to do the unthinkable.  This is the backdrop of the funny and sometimes sobering comedy, “Crazy Stupid Love,” with Steve Carell and Emma Stone in theaters this weekend from Warner Bros. Pictures.

Also coming to theaters is “Another Earth,” a somewhat whimsical account of a parallel planet inhabited by a shadow identity.  As the space shuttle program recently ended, this timely tale beckons the question, ‘what if there is a mirror image of me on another planet”?  From the creative imaginations of Mike Cahill and Brit Marling, “Another Earth” is a FOX Searchlight film.

The holocaust extended beyond Germany leaving thousands dead in France during the 1940’s.  Based on Tatiana de Rosnay’s New York Times best seller, Sarah’s Key is the story of an American journalist living in Paris, Julia Jarmond (Kristen Scott Thomas), whose research for an article about the Vel’ d’Hiv Roundup in 1942 in France.  The French police take Sarah, a ten-year old girl, with her parents as they go door-to-door in the middle of the night arresting Jewish families.

Desperate to protect her younger brother, Sarah locks him in a bedroom cupboard – their secret hiding place – and promises to come back for him as soon as they are released. Nearly 70 years later, Julia stumbles on the terrible secret that the home Sarah’s family was forced to leave is about to become her own.

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