Black Repertory Group Presents “The Wiz”

By Ashley Chambers

Director Sean Vaughn Scott and summer staff pose with some kids from the Summer Day Camp. Background set design by Andrew Jackson.

Every year at the (BRG) Black Repertory Group Summer Theatrical Day Camp of the Arts, Director Sean Vaughn Scott trains young boys and girls to conquer their inhibitions through staged performances.

Thousands of youth have seen past performances by youth of “The Princess and the Frog”, “The Lion King”, “Coming to America”, “Oliver Twist”, as well as “Piano Lessons” by August Wilson.

This year, the major production of The Wiz will be no different.

“With open enrollment all summer long, the kids actually learn the opportunity exists in their life to make it to that next level. When they perform onstage for hundreds of people twice a day, they actually see themselves on the red carpet, in Hollywood, on Broadway, and that’s a real reward for them; they take that into other areas of their life,” says Scott.

Guest agencies, including summer camps and church congregations, have also enjoyed the shows. Faye Carol, a Blues and Jazz recording artist, also teaches students voice training and singing in her Music in the Community class in the summer. What began as 10-15 students 48 years ago has now grown to 70 -100 students performing each summer!

Starting Friday, August 12, the BRG will present evening shows of “The Wiz”, with a Paparazzi and Red Carpet Finale on Sunday, August 14. Director Scott says, “people can expect to see a show performed in the same dynamic manner as on Broadway.”

Congregations and summer camps can call (510) 652-2120 to schedule field trips to attend a 1pm show throughout the week. Enrollment is open for the BRG Summer Performance Theatrical Day Camp of the Arts, programs starting at $250 including lunch. The BRG is also a service provider for Bananas, 4C’s, and Child Care Links. For more information, visit