California Will Continue Supporting Mental Health

By Oscar Iraheta and Susana Daniec Iraheta

A special coverage for The Post News Group

The Santa Clara County Mental Health Department hosted a two day meeting, June 27 and 28, for the Cultural Competence Mental Health Summit XVII. The main topic under consideration was the issue of Equity in the promotion of Health Services with real community-based solutions.

Nancy Peña, PhD., Director of the County’s Mental Health Department said that even with the large list of natural disasters, economic challenges and all kind of imaginable problems that California is faced with, that “we must always maintain our commitment and creativity by continuing to offer our help and services without any compromises on their quality. This must be a challenge for all of us as a nation, state, county and individuals living in this country. Therefore we have to act according to the diversity of the population that lives in California, mainly for those that are un-served or underserved”.

This Summit meeting attracted a large number of public mental health professionals, providers, consumers, family members and a variety of supporters.

Many of the participants praised the program for its diversified presentation of service providers, presenters, proposed treatments and services offered. The attendees expressed hope for the future due to the effort to include all cultures.

The Post News Group of newspapers (PNG) was the only media represented during the two-day summit. The PNG accepted the conference request to provide extensive coverage of the topics presented at the conference. The Post will continue presenting information and stories related to the Social Inclusion and Anti Stigma campaign for People with Mental Issues that the California Institute for Mental Health is presently conducting with the goal of promoting wellness and a positive mental life for all the Californians.

The Post and El Mundo (Spanish language paper) will publish the interviews conducted with the professionals and specialists in the various Mental topics. The Post will cover the extensive support of the two major campaigns that will be launched as a Social Re-inclusion and an Anti-Stigma campaign for those people who are confronting mental health issues.

Please be attentive to all of our future articles and interviews in regard of any topic that deserves the attention of all our readers. At the Post we always follow up stories with a real social interest.