Dorsey’s Locker Celebrates 70th

During the week-long celebration (July 24 to July 30) of the Dorsey family’s 70th Anniversary, there will be plenty food and entertainment available at the historic North Oakland location of Dorsey’s Locker, 5817 Shattuck Ave.

“Dorsey’s Locker is the ideal place for parties, birthdays or any kind of celebration,” said Donald Dorsey.

He said they still feature a wide range of authentic Oakland Soul Food specials daily and their entertainment package also includes an “open mic” night for poets and comedians during “The Blue Candle” every Tuesday evening. They offer two nights of karaoke every Thursday and Saturday evening. Thursday’s events are hosted by Miss Pumpkin and Alphonso and DJ Vern performs on Saturday. Reggae Flash and DJ Mandrik perform on Wednesday evenings. D J Ball D features old school tunes every Friday. There are free R&B/Jazz performances every Sunday evening. For information ,visit: or call (510) 291-4583.

About Dorsey’s Locker

The Dorsey’s Locker began in 1941 when Henry and Wilma Dorsey opened the family restaurant in West Oakland. The business relocated in 1956 to Bosn’s Locker on Shattuck Avenue where a cocktail lounge was added under the supervision of Clarence Dorsey, with the assistance of brothers Tom, Armstead and Jack Dorsey. Three years later another brother, Martin Luther, who followed their father’s career path as an educator in Texas, came to Oakland and built the existing bar. After Henry’s death, Dorsey’s Bosn Locker was sold in 1986. In 1996 the next generation of Dorsey’s reclaimed the ownership.

“Dorsey’s Locker is the right place to be for a friendly beverage, authentic soul food and to meet new people in a warm and cozy atmosphere,” said Donald Dorsey.