NAACP Leads Protest at Airport Against U.S. Airways


Rev. Amos Brown

By Lee Hubbard

The Reverend Amos Brown of the San Francisco NAACP Chapter led a protest at San Francisco International Airport in front of the US Airways curbside drop off this week to protest the June arrest of Deshon Marman, a University of New Mexico , for wearing baggy pants,

Marman was removed from the US Airways plane before he could journey to New Mexico. The captain demanded that Marman get off the plane. After Marman left the plane he was arrested and held in jail for two days. He had to bail out jail, before returning to school. Faced with pressure from the San Francisco NAACP, a rally at San Francisco’s city hall and a resolution from the San Francisco Board of Supervisors questioning US Airways dress code or lack of one, the San Mateo County District attorney dropped charges against Marman.

“This protest reflects the arrogance and insensitivity of US Airways to do what is right for all of its passengers,” said Brown. “They kicked him off the plane because of his dress and race. They permitted a white cross dresser to fly from Florida to Arizona.”

Brown said that Marman was targeted because he was Black and that the NAACP will stand up for fairness. As passengers walked by US Airways terminal, they saw signs that read “US Airways pull up your corporate pants” and another that read “don’t fly US Airways,” in between chants of “we want justice” by the people at the protest.

“With the San Mateo County District Attorney dropping the charges, it is clear an apology is needed,” said Ed Donaldson, a community activist who was also a protester at the airport. “They need to at least sit down and talk to the Marman family.”

Reverend Brown said that US Airways has also refused to talk to the NAACP, after the organization reached out to them, to address the issue.

“They have refused to meet with the NAACP leadership about their dress code,” said Brown. “They have contradicted themselves and put themselves in a bad light.”

He will be taking this issue to the National NAACP, which is having its annual convention in Los Angeles this weekend. He said he will be calling for a national boycott of the airlines. Donna Doyle, Deshon Marman’s mother agreed, saying US Airways needs to be held accountable.

“Deshon apologized two or three times to the passengers of that plane for the inconvenience,” said Doyle. “Now US Airways needs to stop hiding behind there wrong doing.”

She wants US Airways to apologize to her son for “his humiliation, stereotyping and discrimination.”

“Both the President and CEO of the company have said that they stand by the actions of their employees,” continued Doyle. “They have not learned from their mistakes.”