Olivia Wants It All and Moore

By Justina Lee and Miracle Chavis

Olivia Moore, a 13 year old girl who dominates track and field as well as the classroom, has been accepted into St. Josephs Notre Dame High School, in Alameda.

Over the past four years she has been involved with the Tommie Smith Youth Track and Field Program. “It started when I was in the fifth grade, the coach asked me if I wanted to join and I just said yes.” She has received over 30 medals and won a gold medal in the Hershey Track and Field Regional Meets from 2007-2009 and won the silver medal in 2010. Olivia says, “I feel great about my accomplishments, and it’s not surprising to me because I try to be good at a lot of things I do.”

Even though Track and Field kept her busy, Olivia maintained a 4.0 grade point average along with her perfect class attendance record. She was also the 2011 valedictorian at E.C Reems Academy. Olivia is a bright young girl that has honed the important skill of balancing school work with extra-curricular activities. She simultaneously excelled in school and in sports like shot-put, javelin, discus throw, soft-ball, and the 3000 meter race walk. At the Tommie Smith Track Meet held on April 30- May 1, 2011, Olivia won a total of three gold medals for the shot-put, javelin, and discus throw. Olivia thoroughly enjoys track and field but says, “My favorite is softball and running the 100.”

In January 2010, Olivia was invited to the Coach Bob National Invitational Finals in Bloomington, Illinois. She won the national championship to lead the entire nation with an indoor toss of 31.5 m, topping the 9-19 age groups.

She says she wants to attend “UC Berkeley and either be in the Olympics or to become a doctor.”

Olivia is running on the path of greatness, hopefully more youth will join the race.