Science, Engineering, Math Taught at Summer Camp


Shantina Jackson. Photo by Joe L. Fisher, BAPAC


 By Chanelle Bell

The Science, Engineering and Math (SEM) Explorers Summer Camp is a new affordable 6-week program with a focus of science, engineering, and math enrichment for students in grades K-8. The summer camp runs from July 5 through August12, 8:30am to 5pm at 605 South 16th St. in Richmond.

Program Director Shantina Jackson, a Richmond native, is a UCLA graduate where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in African American Studies with an emphasis in Sociology. She has a Masters and PhD in Education from UC Berkeley. She works tirelessly to promote SEM Explorer’s mission, which is designed to expose Richmond’s K-8 students to math and science through hands on activities, field trips, real world applications, career exploration, and the celebration of math, science and engineering themed weeks.

Jackson believes that, “Science, Engineering, and Math are the subjects most critical to innovation and innovation is most critical to our future as human beings and in particular as African Americans.” There is an underwhelming 8 % of African Americans in the U.S. who have SEM related degrees. Jackson wants to increase that number by exposing these important subjects to African American youth at an early age, “the skills needed to be successful in SEM are needed a lot earlier than high school more particularly in those elementary years. That’s when the development of imagination and innovation begins.”

Although The Science, Engineering and Math Explorers Summer Camp targets youth K-8, Jackson still acknowledges the importance of SEM summer programs for high school students as well. She is the assistant director of the Summer Math and Science Honors Academy (SMASH), a 5 week summer academic program at UC Berkeley and Stanford that specializes in Science, technology, engineering and math education for high school students of color that Daryle Allums, Jr. a Post intern is currently attending.

Jackson is a firm believer that The SEM Explorers Summer Camp will cultivate a high school, college and/a professional vision for all students to eventually increase the color representation in SEM related fields. Shantina is equipping the African American youth with the tools to solve our problems of tomorrow.

For more information on prorated rates, contact Shantina Jackson at (510)334-7874 or email