From August 2011

After 10 Years Sade Returns to Oakland

Sade in action. Photos and collage by Adam L. Turner.

By Malaika Bobino
and Adam L. Turner

One year ago the Sade tour was announced and ticket sales soared.  After ten years Sade returned to Oakland, for an unforgettable performance for a new generation of fans that have been exposed to her jazzy/soul music since the release of the first album, “Diamond Life. ”

As the house darkened to black, the suspenseful drums rolled for the “Soldier of Love” hit song, and the Nigerian born pop star rose slowly from beneath the stage to a cheering, sellout, standing ovation.  She rocked with her signature slicked back ponytail, red lipstick and dressed in all black. Read more

North Richmond Green Panthers Little League Awards Ceremony

From left to right: Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin, Hildeberto Gomez and City Council Member Jovanka Beckles. Photo by Carla Orozco.

By Carla Orozco

 The North Richmond Green “Panthers” Little League Banquet/Awards Ceremony was held at the Shields Reid Community Center, Wednesday, August 17.


The residents who attended the celebration included youth ages 5-15 and their coaches, who were participants of the program, in addition to their friends and family members. Read more

David Williams Wins Four-Year, Full-Tuition Scholarship

Left to right: Berklee President Roger H. Brown; J. Curtis Warner, Jr., executive director of Berklee City Music; Berklee scholarship recipient David Williams; Lynette Gittens, director for operations and enrollment for Berklee City Music; and Krystal Banfield, senior director for Berklee City Music. Photo by Phil Farnsworth.

The Berklee City Music program at Berklee College of Music awarded 16 young musicians a total of $2 million in full-tuition scholarships to support four years of study at the college. Six of the recipients were from Berklee City Music Network sites around the country, the other 10 were from Boston. All of the recipients attended Berklee’s Five-Week Summer Performance Program on City Music Summer Scholarships. They are expected to begin classes this fall.


Among the recipients of the Berklee City Music College Scholarship is David Williams, a drummer from Richmond, CA. Williams is a graduate of Oakland School of the Arts and participated in the music program at East Bay Center for the Performing Arts in Richmond. Read more

Russell Family’s Milestones Honored

Mr. & Mrs. Woodrow Russell. Photo by Maxine Fisher.

The Russell family measures the quality of their life by the milestones they achieved. Their church, The Southside Church of Christ, located at 1501 Florida Avenue, Richmond, sponsored a dinner for 150 to celebrate the three goals or milestones set by Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Russell.


The dinner, catered by CJ’s Bar-B-Q, was held Saturday, August 20, at the Hilltop Green Recreation Center. Read more

Chevron Richmond Invests $100,000 in 2011 YouthBUILD Program

Left to right: Corky Booze, Richmond Councilmember, Joe Lorenz, Chevron Goverment & Public Affairs, Jay Perterson, Reliability Manager Chevron. Photos by Joe L. Fisher, BAPAC.

Chevron donated $100,000 to the RichmondWORKS 2011 YouthBUILD program. The YouthBUILD Program’s mission is to address the housing, education, employment, crime prevention and leadership development needs of Richmond’s neighborhoods.


Chevron presented the check to Councilmember Corky Booze at a RichmondBUILD Green Academy graduation ceremony attended by Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin, Vice Mayor Tom Butt and Councilmember Jeff Ritterman, as well as Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom and Jael Myrick, Field Representative for Assemblymember Nancy Skinner.


“Chevron is proud to continue to support RichmondWORKS to address concerns around jobs, economic development and crime prevention,” said Mike Coyle, Chevron Richmond Refinery Manager. “RichmondWORKS not only provides job training skills, but also life training skills. They are putting people to work, which ultimately helps to improve Richmond’s economy.” Read more

Art Bridges Rare Black White House Message

President Barack Obama with Ruby Bridges. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza).

By Josh Gerstein | Politico


 President Barack Obama has taken a decidedly low-key approach to racial issues since he became America’s first black president two years ago. But in a hallway outside the Oval Office, he has placed a head-turning painting depicting one of the ugliest racial episodes in U.S. history.


Norman Rockwell’s “The Problem We All Live With,” installed in the White House last month, shows U.S. marshals escorting Ruby Bridges, a 6-year-old African-American girl, into a New Orleans elementary school in 1960 as court-ordered integration met with an angry and defiant response from the white community. Read more

Beauty Around the Bay: “Showin’ Out”

Tillie puts the finishing touches on her clients short cut.

By Lenora Williams and Ashley Chambers

 Shop owner and hairstylist, Lutillian “Tillie” Maxon knew what she wanted to do and how she wanted to do it since high school. At 19 years old, Tillie became a licensed cosmetologist and in 1992, she financed her own shop and started “Showin’ Out” with fabulous hair designs and her entrepreneurial spirit. Now 19 years later, Showin’ Out Hair Gallery and Boutique, on MacArthur Boulevard in Oakland, is still bringing the heat with blowouts, relaxers, and curls.


It doesn’t stop there with phenomenal haircuts and perfectly coifed tresses. Tillie is also a master at networking and connecting people, building a social circle of sisters (and brothers) amongst her clients. Not only is this shop the place to get your hair whipped up, but customers have built lasting relationships as well. Read more

Maxine Waters tells Tea Party. . .“Go Straight To Hell”

Maxine Waters

By Tanya Dennis

 Representative Maxine Waters by her own words is “tired” of waiting for her government to seriously address the unemployment issue, so after the Tea Party insisted on cutting the national debt by keeping taxes low and cut spending which included spending to help the unemployed, she got mad, telling the Tea Party they could “Go straight to hell.”


To add fuel to her fire, Republican Representative Allen West (R-FL) said that Representative Waters was an overseer on the Democratic plantation and haled himself as a “modern day Harriett Tubman” in his interview on Fox News with Bill O’Reilly. Read more

“Crime Without Punishment, 9 Trillion Missing from the Federal Reserve”


Banksters Part 6 By Tanya Dennis

 One day before 9/11, on September 10, 2001, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld admitted that “According to some estimates we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions,” That’s $8,000 for every man, woman and child in America.


On January 30, 2005, the United States flew eight billion dollars in cash into Iraq to help stabilize the Iraqi currency. The money promptly disappeared from the basement of the U.S. administrations Coalition Provisional Authority’s basement, and no one in our government knows where it went. There wasn’t much outcry because at the time President Bush was spending 50 billion a year on the war in Iraq.

  Read more

Free Backpacks, School Supplies at Fresh Start Festival


On Saturday from 12 noon to 5 pm, stop by the DeFremery Park in Oakland and enjoy the Fresh Start Festival. It is a working family and community festival just at the start of a new school year that shows support by distributing free backpacks and school supplies.


Last year, the festival garnered over 7,000 local seniors, adults, and children in Southern California and for the first time this year, Oakland’s renowned DeFremery Park will join in on the fun and community support. The city of Oakland is also the only Northern California location for the Fresh Start Festival this year. Read more

West Oakland Heroine Makes History


Margaret Gordon

By Post Staff

 Supporters of Oakland Port Commissioner Margaret Gordon have begun a campaign this month for Gordon’s reappointment to the port board.

Supporters have been circulating petitions throughout Oakland, including at last weeks Art & Soul Festival, urging Mayor Jean Quan to reappoint Gordon.

Gordon, a West Oakland African-American environmental leader, was appointed to the Port Commissioner by then-Mayor Ron Dellums in 2008. Her four year term expired in July of this year, and Quan has not yet nominated a replacement. Read more

King Memorial Dedication Postponed


The dedication of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial on the National Mall in Washington has been postponed indefinitely as Hurricane Irene bears down on the East Coast.


The memorial’s executive architect disclosed the postponement after a day of forecasts from the National Weather Service indicating Hurricane Irene was bearing down on the East Coast. Executive architect Ed Jackson Jr. told The Associated Press in an email statement that no new date has been set for the dedication originally planned for Sunday. Read more

Robert Scott’s Legacy: Damon Francis and Mauricio Berdugo

From left to right: Dr. Robert Scott III, Jill Berdugo, Mauricio A. Berdugo, M.D.and Gloria Cox-Crowell in 2008.

By Jesse Brooks

 Damon Francis was two year old and living in Los Angeles, when the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, (HIV) was first discovered in 1981. Today he is a young doctor who learned his expertise and skill in treating HIV patients while working alongside the late Dr. Robert Scott III Scott, the pioneer of HIV/AIDS treatment. The six foot 4 inch doctor who co-founded Eastbay AIDS Project always reached down to help heal so many needy patients.


Since 1981, the HIV virus has spread to become the world’s largest epidemic. More than 33 million people live with HIV. And more than 1 million people live with the infection here in the US. Over 56,000 Americans are infected by the virus each year. Read more

Sojourner Truth Senior Housing Developed By Black Women

By Aneesah Dryver

  Inspired by the accomplishments of the legendary Black abolitionist and suffragist, Sojourner Truth, a group of black women gathered in 1964 to discuss a plan to create a space for Black women who were business professionals. In July of 1964, Daisy Murray, a nurse at the Oakland Veteran’s Hospital, asked Billye Dunlap, owner of Mademoiselle Coiffures to help her start the women’s organization. Murray and Dunlap then sought the help of Catherine Parish on how to form and run a nonprofit organization. Parish’s tutorship led to the founding of the East Bay Chapter of the Negro Business and Professional Women (BPW). Read more

“Waiting for Giovanni”, a Play About James Baldwin’s Book

Members of the play, Waiting for Giovanni, from left to right: Desiree Rogers (Lorraine Hansbury), Fred Pitts (Richard Wright), Robert Simpson (artistic director AfroSolo Theatre and Festival), Jewell Gomez (Author), Harry Waters Jr. (Director), W.M. Hunter (James Baldwin), William Giammona (Luc).

By Jesse Brooks

 ”Waiting for Giovanni”, a dream play written by Jewell Gomez, is based on literary icon James Baldwin’s controversial novel “Giovanni’s Room”. Baldwin’s fearless book provoked threats to his career, at the time, if published. Gomez manages to capture the Baldwin’s distinctive stylistic language.

  Read more

AARP Honors Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Eric Holder

AARP has released a thought provoking video that captures the true spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy. The 48th anniversary of the March on Washington and Dr. King’s historic “I Have a Dream” speech will be celebrated Aug. 28 at the official dedication of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. This is the first memorial on the National Mall to honor a man of color and the only one that does not commemorate a president or a war. Read more

Nigeria and US Depend On Russia For Spacelifts

Former President Bush

President George W. Bush initiated the retirement of the Space Shuttle program. Under Bush, the shuttle was viewed as unsafe and hugely expensive, and NASA could not afford to pursue other human space exploration programs while also operating the Space Shuttle. The Shuttle’s retirement was intended to pave the way for the development of a new NASA launch system that would be capable of supporting human missions to the Moon, Mars, and beyond. Read more

Nigeria Launches Two Satellites



President Goodluck-Jonathan

Nigeria has successfully launched two Earth observation satellites which could be used to monitor weather in a region seasonally ravaged by disasters.


The NigeriaSat-2 and NigeriaSat-X spacecraft were lofted into orbit aboard a Russian rocket.


Nigeria collaborated with British engineers, and the satellites are being monitored from control stations in Guildford, UK, and Abuja in Nigeria.

  Read more

“Successfully Raising Young Black Men”

Dr. Kevin Barnes Sr.

By AshleyChambers

 Dr. Kevin D. Barnes, Sr., author of the bestseller “Successfully Raising Young Black Men” and Pastor of Abyssinian Baptist Church, held the First Annual Conference centered around his book earlier this month. The event included guest speakers, Bishop Bob Jackson of Acts Full Gospel Church, Dr. Harold Mayberry of First AME Church and Life Coach Gloria Brown, who all offered their parental advice about the importance of being there for your kids. Over 200 people attended the conference.

  Read more

Zoe Saldana Stars in “Colombiana”


By Daily Mail Reporter

Zoe Saldana in Columbiana


It’s not often a woman lands the leading role in an action movie.


But Zoe Saldana brings something no hunky male star ever could to her new film Colombiana – her sex appeal.


In skin tight outfits that display her curves the actress gives a new edge to the stereotypical role of a cold blooded assassin.


Vartan, who once dated Jennifer Garner, plays Saldana’s boyfriend – an artist with no idea what she does for a living.


In another scene she deliberately crashes her car into a police car, pretending to be drunk, in order to break into a police station where she commits a murder.


Saldana, who found world-wide fame with her role in Avatar, is transformed in the movie.


Colombiana was co-written and directed by Luc Besson, whose action films Leon, The Fifth Element and Taken have all been huge hits.


The plot centers around Saldana’s character, who as an eight-year-old is seen witnessing her parents’ brutal murder in Bogota.


The sweet-faced schoolgirl vows to take revenge and goes to her hitman uncle, who trains her to work with him.


Fast forward a few years and she is living in America, where she continues to work for her uncle, but in her personal time engages in vigilante murders to lead her to her ultimate target – the mobster responsible for her parents’ deaths.


The film opens in cinemas on August 26.


Augusta Lee Collins @ Pizza Pazza

Augusta Lee Collins

When an artist is scheduled to perform, the venue, a publicist or some PR firm will contact the Post to request that the appearance be calendared.


But, Augusta Lee Collins, a singer and songwriter who has also been enshrined in the West Coast Blues Hall of Fame, did not contact our paper. Some of the Pizza Pazza customers who heard him said his music making was awesome and everyone ought to hear him on Friday nights from 7pm to 10pm at 3905 Piedmont Avenue in Oakland. Read more

Kemp in reach for MVP

San Francisco, CA – Scrolling through his iphone, Matt Kemp starts to get ready for batting practice.  The hype of the MLB All-Star game is over and for this center fielder it’s back to work.  No emotion over making his first All-Star game or that his appearances on national television have increased.

“Nothing’s changed to me, I’m still the same person that began this season with a goal to win,” Kemp said.  “It’s not enough, we’re not in first place so there’s still work to be done.” Read more

Giants offense falls to Randy Wells and the Cubs

San Francisco, CA – The postseason is looking more and more distant for the World Champs.  The offense failed again scoring no runs.  Only able to get two hits, this became a season low for the Giants.

The Chicago Cubs handed a 7-0 loss which resulted in more frustrations for San Francisco as they head into the month of September.  It’s important to gain ground in chasing the first place spot in the National Leagues West held by the Arizona Diamondbacks. Read more

Etta Lundy: Breast Cancer Survivor

Etta Lundy

By Aneesah Dryver

Etta Lundy has been a cancer survivor for over 15 years. Her strength lies in her unwavering mission to educate herself and her family about cancer. In 1995, Etta was diagnosed with breast cancer after insisting to her doctor that there were abnormalities in her breasts. “At first my doctor was very nonchalant. He said ‘yeah, whatever’ and assumed it was nothing serious,” she said. But Etta convinced her doctor by maintaining the belief that she could possibly have cancer and demanding that she be thoroughly examined. “It pays us women to be proactive about our health,” Etta said. Her persistence is what saved her life. Read more

Mother Jailed for Sending Children to “Better” School

By Aneesah Dryver

Kelley Williams-Bolar, a single, Black mother from Ohio, was sentenced to 10 days in prison for sending her two daughters to a school in another district. Williams-Bolar and her family lived in the housing projects in Akron, Ohio while her father, Edward L. Williams, lived in a nearby Copley township. Williams-Bolar used her father’s address so that her daughters could attend a better school. Judge Patricia Cosgrove also sentenced her father with a fourth-degree felony of grand theft. Williams-Bolar and her father are charged with misleading the school system for two years. The court concluded that the cost of Williams-Bolar sending her daughters to the wrong school was $30,500. Read more