Beauty Around the Bay: “Showin’ Out”

Tillie puts the finishing touches on her clients short cut.

By Lenora Williams and Ashley Chambers

 Shop owner and hairstylist, Lutillian “Tillie” Maxon knew what she wanted to do and how she wanted to do it since high school. At 19 years old, Tillie became a licensed cosmetologist and in 1992, she financed her own shop and started “Showin’ Out” with fabulous hair designs and her entrepreneurial spirit. Now 19 years later, Showin’ Out Hair Gallery and Boutique, on MacArthur Boulevard in Oakland, is still bringing the heat with blowouts, relaxers, and curls.


It doesn’t stop there with phenomenal haircuts and perfectly coifed tresses. Tillie is also a master at networking and connecting people, building a social circle of sisters (and brothers) amongst her clients. Not only is this shop the place to get your hair whipped up, but customers have built lasting relationships as well.


Tillie recalls linking one client that was seeking a job in the nursing field with another who managed a senior residential facility, looking to fill an open position. Almost ten years later, those two clients are still working together. Tillie often refers business to her clients who have ventured into establishing small businesses of their own. In maintaining her optimism as an entrepreneur, Tillie encourages her clients in their personal endeavors.


After almost 20 years of creating hairstyles that shine with beauty and elegance, Tillie says, “If I had to give any advice, I would tell young people to look for a career and follow their passion as I did.”


Showin’ Out is located at 3717 MacArthur Boulevard in Oakland, CA.


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