BABUF’s Fund Raising Campaign

Melody Powers, Director of Workplace Campaigns at the Bay Area Black United Fund.

Workplace Campaigns encourage employees to donate to worthy causes each fall.  Employees in city, county, state and corporate giving campaigns can choose to donate to one of more than 5,000 non-profit agencies.
In this economic environment employees can also give to the Bay Area Black United Fund (BABUF).   
BABUF, which was established in 1979, lists many African American human service agencies under one umbrella.
The Bay Area Black United Fund is an alliance of non-profit credible agencies with similar concerns.  
When BABUF’s staff conducts workplace giving campaigns, through the option of payroll deductions, they are considered an extension of the fundraising departments of the non-profit agencies.
For  information call Melody Powers at 510 763-7270 or visit