Beginning and Creating a Culture of “Peace” Not Violence!

By Post Staff

Major R. Castleberry II

Major R. Castleberry II is a Bay Area, United States Patented Inventor. His invention is a product for “PEACE”!
Castleberry is a Navy Veteran whose life work is rooted in one simple yet profound ideal: peace. Originally from Gary, Indiana, in 1982 he joined The U.S. Navy; stationed in Alameda, California, he served on an aircraft carrier—the U.S.S. Enterprise CVN-65—as an aviation flight deck electrician. After being honorably discharged in 1985, Major resumed his civilian life in Oakland and resolved to act on his lifelong dream, to become a patented inventor.
As a patented inventor, Major had always wanted to invent something that would address a real problem in society.
He wanted to address the spiraling problem of violence among the youth.
 Castleberry wanted a tangible, relevant product that allowed the consumer to “sport” their individuality.
The answer to Major’s quest for something that everyone desires was PEACE!
Castleberry invented “The Peace Jersey!”
Castleberry  says, “‘The Peace Jersey’ was invented to address the senseless violence and murders; to promote peace to our youth, gangs, schools and communities, and also to spread this ‘Jersey’ and Message throughout our world!”
He said the purpose of “The Peace Jersey is to provide a positive product against violence,  making peace “Cool” once again.
He wants to see Peace through new fashion and street wear clothing.
Major’s company is named Major Concepts Co. and his current versions of “The Peace Jersey” feature the U.S.A. Red, White and Blue, and also the Black and Silver versions for Oakland!
Castleberry was interviewed by Chauncey Bailey, the late Editor of The Oakland Post, only a week prior to his senseless murder in the streets of Oakland. Bailey’s  unfinished article featuring Major’s invention for peace , ironically, was a part of Bailey’s “Silence the Violence” campaign, which unfortunately claimed his own life through indiscriminate violence in downtown Oakland.
Castleberry said his Bailey interview was not in vain because the Post has pledged to continue Bailey’s causes, campaigns and unfinished stories.
Castleberry said he was also interviewed on NBC News 11 concerning “The Peace Jersey” and has since received a letter of commitment from B.E.T. (Black Entertainment Television) to commercially market his jersey to their subscribers. Castleberry  is seeking investor(s) to help him finance the commercial marketing and manufacturing of “The Peace Jersey” in six sizes.
Castleberry says that his company will donate a percentage of their proceeds to support organizations and foundations that work to prevent violence. He also has a law firm to help him implement his business and marketing plan.
The former Navy veteran is now fighting for peace. He says his “The Peace Jersey” investment plan calls for $150K to $300K.  Major R. Castleberry II can be reached at (510) 435-9816 or