Chris Brown Silence His Critics

Concord, CA – The F.A.M.E album was released amid the melt down after his first attempt for a comeback.  Unsuccessful, Chris Brown spent two years trying to regain the respect and forgiveness from his fans.  It worked, the pop star returned to the spotlight better than ever.  In front a sellout crowd of screaming fans, Brown put on a unforgettable concert.

On a warm, clear night the Concord Pavilion had everyone on their feet when the count down began.  The lights went to black, the video screens began the countdown from 25 and the crowd erupted.  Magazine covers, photos, performances all graced the screen while Chris made his way onto the stage.

As he promised via Twitter almost a year ago, “I will be back on top” he silenced his critics.  Standing 6’3, with blonde hair and ripped abs, there wasn’t much Brown couldn’t do to please his crowd.  From his dance moves, to hearing his angelic voice and flashing a million dollar smile he mesmerized the crowd.

With four albums under his belt and several deluxe album versions released Brown had more than enough songs to sing.  Two hours of hits featuring “I Can Transform Ya”, “Forever”, “Kiss Kiss” and many more.  The ballads were amazing, two of his popular duets “No Air” and “Next 2 You” were displayed on the video screen while he sung along.

After receiving wide notoriety in 2009 for pleading guilty to felony assault of then girlfriend Rihanna.  The frustration loomed and he literally thought he lost his way.  But with the support of family and his fans, he titled the album F.A.M.E. (forgiving all of my enemies) which put him at the peak of his career.

Being compared to Usher and Michael Jackson for his dance moves, his hits are in the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100 respectively and his success in acting is just a few things on the horizon.

Artist Tyga, Bow Wow and T-Pain open up the show.  T-Pain donned a Rocksmith Oakland Raiders t-shirt with black pants and sneakers in honor of Al Davis.  A more slim downed T-Pain performed with his dancers but outshined them when he did a near perfect pirouette turn across the stage.  Also bringing the crowd to their feet was when he began singing acappella, showing his range as a singer.


Written by: Malaika Bobino