Putting the “G” Back into Gentlemen

Top Row: Left to Right: Filip Kragon, Aaron London, Liddon Levine, Maurice Leggette,Bakku Tarpeh, & Kyle Musick; Bottom Row: Taylor Little, Bryan Raines, Saxton Pitts, Victor Mayo; Center: Rev. Randy Rowden.

By David Scott

When a father teaches his son, the significance of knowing how to tie and wear a tie, the male child is being prepared to learn and do ‘’Man Business,’’ according to  Bay Area Fashion Clothing Designer Rev. Randy Rowden.  
Rev Rowden,  owner of Oxford Way Men’s Clothing Store in North Oakland believes fashion is taught at a young age. “When I was a child I thought like a child and did childish things, but when I became a man I pulled my pants up’’ says Rowden.  He further states “How you dress defines who you are. When you wear a fine tailored suit your self-esteem and confidence rises to new heights.’’  
Rev. Rowden is inviting the public to see what he’s talking about.  The Oxford Way Men’s Clothing store proudly presents ‘’Putting the ‘’G’’ Back in Gentleman’’ Male Pageant/Fashion Show & Banquet Saturday, November 5th, at 6:00 p.m. at The First Presbyterian Church 2619 Broadway, Oakland.  
Rev. Rowden founder and entrepreneur started the annual fashion show from an experimental pilot project, the “For Your  Eyes Only’’ Male Pageant. He developed a new approach to drug prevention techniques, defusing the attraction to the drug culture by creating programs that build on the positive aspects of youth development. Rowden founded FAD (Finding Alternative Directions) a 501C3 nonprofit youth adult alternative program.
The primary goal is to challenge youth and young adults to actively engage their talent and energy into positive productive channels void of chemical substance abuse. His slogan is  “Its More Than a Fad; It’s a Fight Against Drugs.’’ For tickets and more info www.oxfordway.com or call 510 922-9300.  
Next Week Part 2.