Raiders Quarterbacks in Peril?

Oakland, CA – Going into the bye week the Raiders have a lot to think about.  They started the season off to a good record with only two loses.  That ended after a crushing loss against the Kansas City Chiefs.  Oakland’s starting quarterback Jason Campbell was knocked out with a broken collar bone last week.

Campbell spent time in perfecting this offense, so it was very disappointing to watch the Raiders fall apart to the Chiefs.  The loss of their leader has many in question about the quarterbacks that remain.  Days after Jason’s injury Oakland signed Carson Palmer for future draft picks.

A desperate decision to keep the momentum going the Raiders felt the addition would be an easy process since the offense was intact.  But the shutout changed the opinion of many who watched two quarterbacks spin out of control.  This proved more work needs to be done everywhere.

“I take full blame for the loss today,” coach Hue Jackson said.  “This team is resistant, we will not blink an eye, we will be back better than ever after the bye.”

Oakland is midway through the season, which leaves little time to play catch-up.  Kyle Boller lost his way early when he threw three interceptions, two being within five minutes of each other.  This is not the performance you want to see from your backup.  Jackson would’ve been better off giving everyone a chance including Trent Edwards and Terrelle Pryor.

Palmer didn’t have much luck either as he also threw three interceptions in the second half.  It was a complete disaster and the loss of Darren McFadden was the nail in the coffin.  He left the first quarter with a injured right foot.  The biggest weapon on their offense was missing in action which kept the Raiders scoreless.

Boller believes he can bounce back, Carson needs more time to figure things out after sitting on his couch for the last six months.  Palmer’s actions was more understandable since he’s had no solid contact on a football since last season.

“It felt good to be knocked around, that hasn’t happened since last year,” he explained.  “This bye week couldn’t come at a better time.”

The decision has been made that Palmer will be the starting quarterback November 6th against the Denver Broncos.  This will be his first game back after the recent debacle.  Now 4-3 the Raiders really can’t afford to lose any more games as their division is beginning to wake up.  The second half of the season counts most so will see if Jackson can turn things around in Oakland.


Written by: Malaika Bobino